Harassment, Bill O'reilly, LDP discussed on NPR News Now - NPR News: 10-22-2017 2PM ET


Live from npr news in washington i'm windsor johnston projection show japanese prime minister sharon's oh ave is leading his party to a commanding win in parliamentary elections and pr is always hugh reports are based party was helped by tensions in the region stoked by north korea obeys liberal democratic party her ldp is the right wing conservative party in japan it's had a strong hold on power for most of the postwar period with two north korean missile flights over japan earlier this year ave made the case that national security issues should be trusted by his ruling party and not upstart opposition candidates hobbies government supports us president donald trump's policy of maximum pressure on north korea rather than more diplomatic options the ldp coalition is projected to take at least three hundred of the four hundred sixty five lowerhouse seats up for grabs this raises the likelihood ave will be japan's longestserving premier elise hugh npr news tokyo a super typhoon is on track to hit japan the storm is expected to make landfall on its pacific coast early tomorrow morning and continued toward tokyo before fox news ho spill over riley was fired after sexual harassment claims he had just agreed to a major contract extension but before that agreement a riley had just settled another sexual harassment claim against him and p ours colin dwyer reports it all happened pretty quickly in january bill o'reilly settled with a woman planning to sue him for sexual harassment that agreement cross thirty two million dollars according to the new york times.

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