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And i wanted to. I wanted to feel something now. It's look at one of the episodes with actor liam cunningham of game of thrones fame. He is in the episode. Human is with actor bryan cranston as an actor. One of the things. You can sit there early like go going to do big movies on about that. That's a lot bullshit but all you can hope for is the company that you keep. You'd like to see yourself in the company. People that you respect. Mr cranston has taught me my family years and years and years from wait when my kids were small mog on the middle to breaking ball to whatever they. My kids have grown up with mr cranston. And he's onset. He's he's everything you wish for. He's just completely professional completely passionate his attention to detail when welcome both on script and with. Where's the shots baba. He's he's he has a child like passion for what he's doing. He's been in the game a long time. And you just kinda go look. There's hope for may if this guy hasn't been spoiled by success hasn't sat on his laurels and unload telling the stories and on as he said the most important thing is the characterization of the character that you're watching the story if the characters are good the story the story will follow. Because you'll have an empathy for the more you'll you'll you'll wish them on your se. Just luminous she's fantastic and michelle. One and i mean i i play the boss. The emotional journey of the whole thing is is their marriage and So we kind of play the balls. I put them in harm's way and put him in a bit of trouble when he gets back so He's not a guy. But i'm a general one things don't probably but but But brian runs car toys. Actions absolutely fantastic. And he's he's gonna lead a shift of of character oriented debt. He's just it's like it's shakespearean much is don't especially towards the end of. It's really really beautiful. She's got some gorgeous boards to say braith briley. It's just look it. Just feel you feel really nice. And it's science fiction and philip k dick and it's just gonna go. You gotta helped out of the bed memorial. There was no difficulty tearing myself off my pillow. When i was working on this it was really lovely. He was talking about. Essie davis who stars along with bryan cranston. Here's more on game of thrones. Well it's not a time thing. I know you understand the question. That's not a time thing. Because before game of thrones doubles. More or less what. I did all the time i hit the ground running. I'll do a job. Maybe movie for three months and then was unemployed. Nile bitten down to the quite soul to cover of. What is it. Seven years. Or whatever i've had to the tax montezuma kicking down my door on eventually got a couple of quitting the bang for the first time which is what which is a bad to stop this fucking season ends wayne. County is house. his nails bitten over the quake. The security aspect of just pricing was was really nice. But i mean artistically neil to be you know i got involved in a television program that became a cultural phenomenon. You're just one as an actor if you like. If you live actor and it's always the words on the the the guys can be beautiful beautiful words to say they they trip me up at speeches. They they it. They got the measure of me as an actor. And they they throw the slide on the go mon. You're kidding me. They know. I'm going to be working for hours in a hotel room on my own looking like my person trying to get the rhythms of speeches. And they they They bring me to the gym david down as the acting. Jim and i love it and it's almost this. Almost some of this stuff is is a puzzle dot needs working on its walked with repetition being alone and learnt pots of coffee. And on it's great. It's great it's. It's like a very very difficult crossword puzzle that i love doing and then we got to do it in front of a camera with all the fabulous actors. It's fantastic. that sounds like fascinating episode. I really that's definitely one. I'm going to see. I'd probably end binging on this series. I think it's going to be that good. There's more sci fi talked so stay tuned back on scifi talk. I'm tony tomato. Here's more with executive producers. Ron moore star trek the next generation and battle star galactica fame. And also david canter is not a dirty not anymore. No couldn't you couldn't even pitch one like ten years ago at all even even five years ago but everything comes back around. You know what what made you guys jump on board stories. I mean the fact that the opportunity Isa provided to us these. He's provided us to take this extraordinary trove of her dad's work and to reinterpreted with the screenwriters and directors whom we admire and wanna work with like she gave us she said it just make them really good and just try to make them contemporary. Don't try to do them as written and and it's a made the most extraordinary. It's the most victorian trove of material to work with as a producer. It's just gold. I i didn't know the short stories before this project you know because they've been complicated publication history. I think they've been. They were published in various ways. A lot of them are out of print for a long time so i had never. I wasn't familiar with at all. So they're all kind of like brand new like. Oh you know and I got the one i did. is called real life. That's based on a short story. Called a museum piece and i was really just inspired by the concepts. Within it sought. My adept was took pretty far field. If you read it and watch the show. You're going wait a minute. That is really what 'cause it's just about. It's a show about the nature reality. And what's real and what's not and i took it into sort of a virtual reality realm and played with these two characters in very different places questioning the nature of the reality with shannon pack win and terrence howard and in the short stories just one character's journey so it's really a completely different thing but that was very taken with it and i was happy to do that one and i think most of the writers approached it. You know it was a big bucket of stories and they all kind of found the one that really spoke to them you know. Sometimes they all cirque they might have been a couple of writers circling around the same story. But by the time you really came time to pick one everyone it's sorted themselves out into the ones that were actually wore. Inspiration was darren anthology series. I was an inspiration for this one. We talked a lot about the twilight zone. Not structurally. But i think what michael talked about. A lot was his experience watching as a kid knowing that there was the sort almost this reassuring voice at the beginning. Saying you're about to you know you're the tilted capital it's up to the the the heavens and you start this journey and he always felt like that's what we're gonna do is. We're going to start each episode in a way that we know that you're gonna be on this incredible journey and then we always through.

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