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There are several steps that all partners have agreed to make priorities as the foundation for a more comprehensive plan. They include funding for survivors and family. An oversight body with investigative powers to represent the interests of families survivors and indigenous communities a public education campaign. That also includes trauma informed training for those who work with indigenous people. The action plan is getting a mainly positive response. Michelle debt is a former commissioner of the missing and murdered inquiry. And when i saw a few of the suggested are goals that they're proposing for me transparency ability and making sure that we have several or different bodies where i can put my complain. Or i can go to a tribunal or there's an indigenous ombudsperson i was like finally we have something there that the indigenous organization or leadership will have to work with all levels of government. A more in depth strategy will be developed in the future with more specific priorities. Also there is no dollar amount or funding commitment but that is expected to be included in next steps. The native women's association of canada walked away from the action plan saying it was fundamentally flawed and the process to get done was politically motivated for national native news. I'm dan carpenter and damian tonio gonzales. National native news is produced by broadcast corporation with funding by the corporation for public broadcasting support by the nsf railway proudly supporting the nation's economy by moving the goods that feed supply and power communities across the country more at d. n. s. dot com slash tribal relations support by the sonata chambers law firm championing tribal sovereignty.

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