Mr Prodi, Haiti, Honduras discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Mood from the proof the book so joan walsh the most people don't know on this program i've rarely nor she's attacking lowering room and culture me now what are we all have in common mr prodi's roll blondes obvious now these liberal democrats tell us over and over and over again as well as the uh the amnesty republicans they tell us over and over again you can't return these people back to their country you can't send them back to mexico or a haiti or whatever can't send them back to honduras the crime the poverty the disease how many times have we heard that mr producer over and over and over again isn't that the definition of a hell hole hey nick cave send them back my god what are they gonna though the gangs and the crime on that poverty widespread disease there there's no way out that's why they're coming the beautiful america well that's a hell hellhole hey what are your racist well what are you what are you raised fears and now they wanted to be racial they wanted the be racial sought the president of the court all these people only getting deplorables what what the left say about that why what year racist now they call us deplorables oh you know 'cause you're you're deplorable pretty much right is yes the hypocrisy his justice streaming all over them as far as i'm concerned nancy pelosi who i believe needs a very thorough psychiatric exam at her weekly press briefing today on daca nate see pelosi is a racist and i'm going to prove it to you right now cut one go i would say of that mccarthy therefore.

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