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Couple of days. My goodness folks do not miss this. We'll be right back folks talking to the head of promise keepers can harrison welcome. I gotta ask you He you you took this on Some years ago. You said we're going to bring promise keepers back. I was thrilled to hear it. But to no you personally and to hear your vision where you're coming from. You really get this in a way. That i was i. I was surprised in the sense. That i just Anytime somebody like rises to where you are in this to really understand it and understand. We're in a really different place. Twenty five years later We've got as you say you know men wearing dresses and confused people on a level that we've never seen before so we need to. We need to pray for those people and really to offer them help. You can't force help on people but you can offer them help. You say hey. This is god's idea of manhood and he loves you and died for you. And if you're interested in that were here to help that's to me. A huge part of what promise keepers is today. Eric i respect your mind a lot of red. Also your books. I love what you have to say. And you you nailed it perfectly in the last segment. We see so much hatred and vitriol poured out towards us. Some who are we. We're just a bunch of guys who want to worship. Jesus will where's that coming from. It's coming from people who were deeply wounded were putting on the stereotypes and the hurt from their past onto us simply because we're father figures and so. How do we respond. We respond in love and truth and we endure through that. And so we don't get angry or patient in our Hurts hurt with those people who are trying to hurt us. Because we realise such illogical hatred doesn't come from nowhere. It came from deep wound that they have in the only healing for that wounded. Christ is not logic. It's not the republican already. That's right being arguer than them. It is saying whatever you have if you would let go of that. Bitterness and that hate and repent jesus will come in and fill in in hilo wounds. That's what we need to be about as men. So i just got done meeting with my whole bodyguard team down there because we have so many death threats for me trying to get from this hotel over to that stadium. It's insane. I've got the swat team from the arlington police. Ready to defend me. Who am i. I'm just a guy that wants to tell people about. Jesus it's an amazing. But this is where i mean. There's something healthy in this and clarifying that. When i mean 'cause look we have to be clear. This is not a sociological or psychiatric battle is a spiritual battle and there are forces dark spiritual forces that despise god and anything that comes from him so a biblical idea of what it is to be a man to be strong for others to be a strong man who does not serve himself. But says i'm gonna use my strength to lay down my life for you whether it's my wife or my kids or anybody. That's god's idea of strength ultimate self-sacrificial agape love to lay down my life. It's so beautiful and so powerful and so yes. The enemy is threatened and anybody who has made a space for him in their lives through their wounded nece We'll get angry and stuff. So i would say this is your over. The target god is doing this. And the more victories the more nastiness the more you know they're going to be healings. Lives are going to be changed. Ken are going to be changed. On the sixteenth two days from now and three days from now in dallas right behind you lives and families are going to be changed for ever. It doesn't get better than that can. It doesn't get better than that. That jesus in our time i mean i just. I'm so thrilled that you're doing this and i'm thrilled. There are seats. Because i was thinking like i know people in the area who might not know about this so promise keepers dot org and they can make you'd tickets so we'll say what will happen on the day. Sorry say whatever. You want to say. God friday night. Six thirty nine thirty. We're gonna have It'll be closed by nick. Boy jack who is the guy with no arms no legs who was suicidal. As a late teen he was born that way who then got saved a rate evangelists. He's gonna give an invitation. An altar call new talk about a powerful witness. We've got jonathan evans. Got colin when your new york compatriots there. And i love carter conlon times square church. Oh my goodness richardson. The whole world. We got general. Jerry so we have an all star cast. We also have a hall of fame. football hall of fame panel is going to get there with Tim brown charles. Haley and michael irvin being led by chad. Hennings your friend and mine. I know chad hennings just because From the new and society and the wingmen there and fort worth and grapevine. And whatever. And i've had the privilege of meeting some of these folks but i know he's in he's in that area so i'm so glad he'll be with you on that stage one of the things that you're hearing that you know that maybe some of your audience knows. Is that what you're hearing are serious. Bible teachers and people came to me when i started promise keepers in ken. You know you have to have a plan for the young people you have to have this and that and the other i said you know. Here's my plan for the young people. We're going to preach order got. We're not gonna do skinny jeans and fog. Machines others and fog machines using can't use fog machines the head i'm saying not through me. He can't but i think the young people looking for father figures you know so you and i are similar age when we were kids. Can you imagine if you'd have gone to church in night in the nineteen eighties and the pastor was wearing parachute pants in an iron maiden teacher. 'cause he was trying to be like you you thought he was a clown and today we have so many fifty something year olds trying to act like twenty year olds to attract them. I don't wanna be like them telling me i should not get the tat. I was awesome. Tat's on these big guns. I've been working on all right. We're out of time. We're going to be back final segment with ken. Harrison folks promise keepers dot org. You need.

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