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Extend yourself to him. Then. If I wanted to do this as she was dead dressed in the fucking tuxedo. So she's I'm looking to dress the other women on going to be unwilling to feed into the patriarchal view of how women should dress. Good be something don't be fucking complaining. This basketball player who's used to women throw themselves is not going to go for the dump people aren't good in the tuxedo. The amount of liberties. That are given to. Why people when they say outlandish shit is also crazy to me didn't she write a book about finger and her little sister some shit like that when he was kids or digging in the diaper, whatever. So. Wisit grand jury or Nash it. This the system why we don't talk about this. When you got somebody like Tina Turner who shared a clip last week. Of the tunnel on Larry King and Larry King said. Do you think she said, yes, she said, you know, what I'm I'm they love me over there. They respect me as an artist over there and to them. I'm just as big as Madonna. He was like, oh, you don't get that here. She says, no. Tina fucking Turner is not as big as Madonna. In america. Go to go where your appreciation. Where's your place? You're going to go to get. Appreciate it. Finally since I've left England and dumb. Well in America. I'm more. Appreciate it. Now back home in England. That's just how it is. For me. Of is how a lot of British artists. It was appreciated in England. Citizen came to America and blew up. Now, the British a throwing stuff at him for full. He couldn't. Okay, arrested in England. That's how it is for artists. Why you have to go elsewhere to get appreciate it. And then more pre back home. But why I'd never hear about this sort of is it racism there. Yes. The Brits of the best racism de LA notice subtle. I hear you don't even supplement Barrett. Slavery do a routine about this. There were better. Slavery Americans brought people to from Africa and put them to work in plantations in America, that's like stealing ship and keeping in your own house, the British did it smarter and that they stole black people. But they put them in colonie mcabe. And that's why you got black people who are from Jamaica Barbados Trinidad Haiti because why people put them there European specifically put them there that a lot of black people winning. We haven't gone African Americans been in America for hundreds of years. You know that was the same in England. We haven't got that. Our African Americans adverse African Americans a Caribbean. People. Do you have hope? Because you want to have a baby one day. Maybe. Do you have you have to have some semblance of hope to bring a challenge to this world? Okay. I have. No, hope you have not have. No hope. Listen. But you know, I'm kind of glad this whole Trump thing happened. I'm glad because we've been talking about racism for years, and because of a bomber and kept going resumes over we're post reaches society. It's overlooking the blood prisoner. It's amazing. There's no more racism, stop moaning, black people. So. It was the tide was in. The targets in and only black people could see what was underneath the water, but Trump is coming and the tide is pulled out and everybody could see what was bubbling the hatred that was public underneath. I'm kinda glad this whole Trump thing happened because now people cannot deny will you know, what you know, what we've been seeing forever moving trying to help him. They I I stand with this. They've always known the racism was just trying to convince us it wasn't. But I think with Trump has exposed is. He's exposed but Trump kickabout openly. Sure that was tumbling his drive you causing to cross we went to about this shit. But they always had the power. So they didn't give a fuck, right? They didn't have to be. They didn't have to be a malignant tumor because they already had the control. They didn't give a fuck. Now, they feel like there's a switch in control..

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