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Com slash invention Age. It's 1 38th traffic and weather on the eight. Sweet Mary did Papa in the traffic center. A mark I knew crash being reported in Maryland on 15 South near Mount Zion Road Watch. For response. They were heading to the scene. Still, a crash on 50 in Hyattsville are heading toward Hyattsville, heading West Bounder inbound 50 near to a one Kendall worth 2 95 You were staying to the right to get by the accident. Also, the accident was reported on 32 in Maryland. Your West friendship. It's eastbound, just south of I 70 and watch for police direction happening there. Checking on the Baltimore Washington Parkway with a work zone running north bound delays to get two for 50 and beyond a single lands on getting by breaking away past for 10 and then running well outside of the Beltway on the parkway. The earlier tree crew we believe has been clear they are paving Connecticut Avenue and Chevy Chase Circle. You've got a single lane that gets through the circle. Watch for flaggers all the way around all lanes feeding into the circle and you can't anticipate delays happening there as well. Now we had a train derailment on the bread line. We have a lot of police and fire activity along cultural roadies was highway near the silver Spring. Metro anticipate street closures, police direction and a lot of congestion on the red Line Train ISS service's suspended between Tacoma and Wheaton with the derailment. Bus service has been set up and also from earlier flooding. The Red Line still suspends its service between Venice and Fair. Get North again with bus service and by three Cooper tires get one.

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