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This is free talk live Cullen and talk about whatever you'd like eight five five four five zero three seven three three with you tonight. It's aria Melanie Edmark. Let's finally get into this article coming to us from Fox News about police suicides. And what they believed to be responsible for the evidently increase of said they continue New York and Chicago lead the country with at least five police suicides. But Chicago's force is notably smaller. So, by the numbers is considered the worst among police suicides, according to blue help. Chicago's taco has fewer police the New York. Okay. It's what it says really a smaller place. Yeah. I realized that as soon as I said, okay. She goes fraternal order of police published a statement after the death of officer Danes myth that blamed increasing police despair on the negative news coverage of police officers, Smith, twenty six thirty six killed himself on New Year's day. The fact that police, here's e would have been more appropriate counter saying the next day after midnight. So you'll read like silly stories say, like, oh, this happened on Tuesday morning, but it was like two AM. Okay. That's that's called Monday night. But okay. So So like. like. I mean for us people who, like stay up until seven AM Tuesday morning. So if, if it happened after midnight, they're going to count it as New Year's day. Right. So it probably should've killed himself an hour earlier. Well. Sorry Mark, the here's what I would say, is that first off when people drink and New Year's Eve is definitely known as amateur night. They're much more likely to commit suicide. Right. You drink too much. And whatever reason it's time to do it. I don't know why that is. But it happens to people, and I think that probably that's the reason here for officer Dane. And I'm sorry about what happened to him. But I mean ultimately. This is this is this is something that needs to be addressed by police departments. And police unions not putting out article saying, stop saying mean things to our officers. I mean, if you think that the reasons are the police are killing themselves because of the things that are being told them on the internet. Then let's start programs to address things that people are talking about on the internet, so that when getting because police are mostly following orders from the brass. So if the complaint is, is what the police are doing then a lot of cases, it's because the brass either condone it or directly told them to do it. So let's talk about how we can, you know, hey, let's make a better work environment for police generally..

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