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Miles miles bridges playing right now he's looking mighty sheldon williams e if he got a little bit better shape so dominant he's dominating which telling me he dish the headband i don't know if that's a move i i respect baringo system again no hitman embrago system yeah i guess not you know his watch he's in charlotte are eating trader charlotte yeah awesome tony parker in the locker room tremendous that's one of the more peculiar moves like why pay was asking me why that happened i was like he's really not that good more so yeah the dock man's here on the bench so at least he is in the states peers yeah yeah i met to say he was getting fed off the other day he had some some fire jordan's on a is getting comfortable are spectator aspect nba tv are working for you finally douses currently whooping golden state but i i can't imagine this will hold even some league nope steph curry just suits right now we're going we're going to hundred seventeen we we don't take losses on the same year now where we're not losing a single preseason summer league regular season or postseason gay that would be incredible i absolutely one one game of summer league star starter suits up as like clay got tomorrow durant plays against the jazz and then we run it back draymond would take this way to siri draymond green has nine thousand cause you can't fail out he's six of those are flagrant but again you can't fail out he's really pushing it to the limit i quietly don't hate not fouling out like why would why doesn't the mba just have that they just do away with a raise the penalty like what happens after six fowler the fucking shoot two free like it's automatic free throws no matter what the leg if it's the first foul of the fourth quarter free throws good but they i mean yeah i wouldn't hate it because i'm trying to think of who i don't even know who would help is like like lebron doesn't get fouled trouble the star like the star stars don't get in foul trouble but you could just foul the brun more i suppose i now got turned into baseball where malignant broke his thumb which sucks it's not great i did notice he's not playing but he was also like dab and people up when i came back to the huddle so i don't know if he's that hurt best part of baringo system what are you jack zach levine got the bag yep for some reason well i mean you wouldn't pay him at all what's he select twenty two i wouldn't pay eighty million dollars yeah i guess i just don't know what else us go like they so seems like high app side last time we saw him before the injury i feel like he was playing well he was playing better than andrew wiggins well i get it out as and he's making less than what the fuss i wouldn't either one of those do you think chicago should have matched her just let bygones be bygones i would let them what i understand to bad look because he was the i guess the quote unquote centerpiece of that trade but farewell that flips really quickly once you go to senate for centerpiece to twenty two million dollars a year you're still shooting thirty eight percent from the field that that's which flips rue quickly so i i honestly i like you know what thanks for the memories zach enjoy sacramento it's weird 'cause like my by reason wide and have a big problem with it is i'm positive if they if chicago let him walk they would have given somehow more money to jabari parker and i'm not convinced he's better than levine like now or moving forward i felt when they've been healthy jabari had a stretched it was better than levine's best strich i don't disagree but jubair was also healthy during the playoffs and he was unplayable health during the playoffs to his team wasn't there his ace thunk the missed what sixty games this year probably a little less it's forty year forty seven last year twenty four this year and shot yet thirty eight thirty four eighty one in those twenty four which again very small samples is coming off injury but not good yeah i.

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