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Who's hanging on the face it was hanging onto the face and ripped at Mike was still kind of like the body was still moving. Yeah Scroll Down Jim with us. You Got Oh shit. Yeah. Seagull Eating A. Dead Mouse. Bird. Does. Read. All the time ever. Creatures. In their mean to men, you're seeing the birds those eagles are hawks. Goats the carrying. They'll drop might. Yeah. Yeah. What's going on there? That's a snake. But. It popped out of his chest. Effort. Still flying wait hold on the way this snake found a way. It's an eel that found a way out of his chest Hor. Stomach chest th th that's that's a that's a pivotal teaching lesson. Never give up never give up now he's GonNa fall. About Forty feet into the law. Survive you didn't give up he might smack the fuck. Well listen. Here's the thing you didn't take me alive. And then then the Bird Tina die to get. A hole in its stomach. What else the? Dean this one I saw I like the turtles escapes the Turtle Escapes. Why really he already at the moment he's already inside but check it out shell. You came by down and show. You know it was dope my my son teenage mutant Ninja Turtles. The move is on this pop. I'm like Oh Nighthawk, my language I learned a Lotta love..

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