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The card is L. Pacino in heat is is a great car and things aren't going to document well yeah but we on every thought about Die Hard that is a good one is there a Die Hard well I was thinking about it I don't think about it in terms of cops I think about that as an action movie but yeah he's a cop yeah he too good on passive on offense Hey Steve what's going could rub it in I haven't seen that with me is a she said oh that's too long also see what do you got a buddy well you've never come in a place I worked I thought you go they rush OR one rush are to return I don't want to be the one from the eighties one from the sixties obviously ball it obvious that's a great and then the one from the eighties is kind of like Unforgiven where the cops are really the bad guys is to live and die in LA I don't know if another all man I haven't seen that in a long time yeah the cop with William Peterson is all fine and dandy on NPR but he was a he was an app that will be on that movie that'll be thanks man Hey Randy talking about cop movies what do you got the food here rocky by will remember but it's really not a movie is a drama series it was peaceful and back in the seventies when we were all teenagers only at the hot lead you to get them all man yeah was it because police woman please for okay in AG Dickinson do you know who she is old actor thinks I think so she was at her would you not agree Randy she was at the peak miss Brandi Dickinson then yeah if you're really hot back we'll we're all Jews would like the seventies could make a watch whatever's going on next week yeah yeah that's what that's when like if three's company and all that stuff you only watch the show because there are a hot weather with the if and so do you think it's in rehab hung out with the rat pack with those are not your and all those guys think about that huh does she got a couple of stories yes Mary what's going on with you your favorite cop movie well my favorite one is Beverly hills cop worn with Eddie Murphy you can't go wrong with her saying that is a good one funny and action packed great and we were and I don't I hope I'm not still anybody's movie but I wanted to before I forget this a man where talked about the Unforgiven and movies where the cop is bad and the outlaws or or good the quick and the dead you're seeing that with gene Hackman's every yeah he's like born to play like a corrective sinister cop kind of thing what was his name a little bit I think is a little bill on that no that was little bill is a user was Unforgiven I think all is that IBM continues but are you sure about that on well whatever yeah but anyways he is a total badass than that and Russell Crowe is in a new plan a preacher okay Annie's torturing Russell Crowe hits it's pretty cool and a young Leo DiCaprio is and that really plan a gunslinger I realize Africa remember the but the movie poster but I never I've never seen the movie Sharon stone's in it kind of and her being yelp Hey Dave what's going on with you buddy talking about cop movies ran warm pine actually the the comedy and blazing saddles yet Sir Barton the Waco heads only you may add a happy yeah even for me have somebody was going to like I said the other last week or whatever it was we just had our annual fingers family viewing of blazing saddles and every time it makes me laugh Hey Sam what's going on with you your favorite cop movie leave the weapon yeah yeah no no doubt about see I kind of like lethal weapon two though to a lot her number I don't care much for three but number in two is when they get go against a south African guys it is one or the one retell the story about like you know shoot a guy four thousand yards he's exam yeah two people in the world that can make that shot yes now the cool line that's Mister Jericho is Gary Busey he's like nuts he's a hold his hand over the lighter yeah yeah what's what's going on with you Tom favorite cop movie the Punisher hello yeah yeah that is a good one has pretty good I can't believe you haven't said predator I'm sure you're going to find some cop connected the predator actually one of the one of the characters in a previous life before joining the you know Rangers Sir skin I Hey Joe all your favorite cop movie what is it man yeah my favorite one is with Michael Pena and Jake Gyllenhaal called end of watch if they were one you know what I know of that movie I've never seen it but I understand that was pretty good at all go watch it is probably one the most accurate depictions of like police like that a lot he's like a like an ambulance chasing like kind of a no that's night night stalkers yeah yeah okay now this is a different fantastic go watch it again end of watch isn't it done that is J. deal all kind of a bad **** on that though so yeah they they both are I mean it is it's one of the saddest previous movies ever it is awesome go watch it all right then how about you Mike what do you guys favor cop movie I would say technically or the or the cop into stone being down here I mean you can't forget about the untouchables either with Kevin Kajol yeah it was good he says what Eliot ness right Eliot ness and Sean Connery in the movie is on fire yes desi worry was its Albertina beat some of the the guy of the baseball bat dinner right now they have a memory yeah that's a no that's de Niro it's zero yeah what I say about you yeah yeah but he yeah he wills out the baseball bat and just takes a guide how that was wild that's brutal Hey Josh what's going on with you favorite cop movie yeah Josh yeah I would have to say it would be quick three ten to Yuma thank you that was my other choice man I was going to bring that up but that movie is really under rated I hear anybody talk about that movie and that's movies really good S. raw Russell Crowe right Russell Crowe and Christian bale please share of women these guys are coming to town to they're on the three ten to Yuma and they're going to extract a Littler every van Hey Russ what's going on with you favorite cop movie women mentioned but forty eight hours and another forty eight hours yeah yeah and then I'm with those out there to escape from New York Kurt Russell was pretty bad in that and that's saying that but I know yes I called earlier all I saw that a long time ago man that is a good one what about you Keith what do you have still it starred John Waite and you didn't wear a cop very often but this was one of his last yeah I movie yeah yeah he drove a GTO real green looking GTO in that movie and it got between garbage truck and the same applies from it hard to come up Hey Matt what do you god favor cop movie I'll tell you what I don't know if it's been mentioned yet or not but being former law enforcement like though one of the most realistic one movie called rush I don't know who stars in it I know Greg Allman is in that he's kind of a bad guy but it's male and female partner and they kind of get a little deep into into their right I remember that movie yeah they and then there's another with deep cover with Laurence Fishburne that's really good Majeed cover that's no rush I remember that it's like he said the group they start getting into their some their star did do drugs there were like under cover they start they become actually another parents yeah really okay we got Tony by.

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