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They want Hong Kong's leaders to reject an extradition plan supported by the Chinese government, people who oppose the plan, worry, it would make them vulnerable to China's court system of federal cordiale cannot reach a verdict in the case of an Arizona aid worker, accused of human smuggling. The judge declaring a mistrial yesterday after the jurors in Tucson said they were deadlocked with four voting to convict an eight voting to acquit Scott Warren of the charges, the thirty. Six year old Warren is an instructor at Arizona State University in volunteers. The Arizona based humanitarian aid group. No more death. He was arrested and charged after border patrol agents say they saw him giving directions to, to illegal immigrants who taken shelter at a no more death shelter in January of last year. Donald Trump junior is to be back on Capitol Hill for another round of questioning by the Senate intelligence committee today. The meeting will be a closed affair. The committee is wrapping up its investigation of Russia's interference in the twenty sixteen election members wanna to know, more about plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, and they also have more questions about Trump junior's meeting with the Russian lawyer in June of twenty sixteen. And for USA radio news, I'm Chris Barnes. It may have been a message of voice that suddenly cut your income in half, but not your bills, to might have been an injury or illness, or your boss, just cutting back your hours. It doesn't really matter how.

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