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Science fiction and we voted as a show and of the three we picked Scott Walker and then they name their kid on our votes and so what's his name is Scott Walker that's first name yes guy Walker is a first name and his middle name is Legolas what was that is using what legless regular yeah from the lord of the rings Scott Walker Legolas yes and he has a picture she's gonna show me here I'm looking at the baby well look at that baby right there is a cute baby have you have you broken the news to what its name yes we have and actually we did his his room up there is all Star Wars stuff and actually got his baby pictures taken with that from my favored that lock and and you're talking about so for you are you calling sky no we are going to Khan sky Walker wacky fighting our other kids because they want to call him just by Skype or like no it's guy Walker I thank you that's too long I bet you eventually you'll just column Skyrim Walker nine I would think so maybe the walkers a normal or name for a guy who'll so that I can make fun of right it's gonna be so as of right now we're sticking with Scott Walker okay unless I love it yeah something you love makes you feel good that's awesome I named my dog after catch of the office granted not human but you know I named after someone from the office Hey that right and the baby's healthy everything's good yes about the other babies healthy Michelle's doing again yeah ever everyone during it had it had a good delivery well we appreciate that update are you I yeah I was going to call I know that when we discover the name Scott Walker so you guys officially named our baby there it is I do them all the babies ballers because Hey Robert have a have a good day but are you guys have a great as well as the letter by the way like a less is Orlando bloom's character and lord of the rings okay so just naming naming them baby is what we do let me go to make in a California real quick Hey Megan you on the Bobby bones show would like to say morning I was wondering how you travel so much and you're like late schedule changes so much how do you like do that like what's that going back to work today I'm struggling the tip is for me as I never get used to it I always kind of feel crappy when I'm traveling I just get better performing while feeling crappy like that's how I make my strides is I can't fix my sleep schedule I'm west coast east coast central time zone late night travel on weekends for shows so what I do is just try to improve myself when I don't feel my desk is there when I feel my best as like rock and roll city and like all my goodness I'm great but just the general principle of my life is if I can improve when I'm not my best when I am my best I'm automatically going to be so improved is if I'm up when I'm down thank me way up when I'm up so my goal is to really focus when you're feeling bad get better at doing it when you're not doing your best because when you are your best you go crush it you know I mean yeah you can't you just can't help the fact you're traveling and you're not getting sleep can help it so deal the cards even given get better when you're not good when you are great you'll be even better there you go that makes sense too much not make sense are months late Jason Aldean girl like you Bobby bones we sounds this guy who was working names on a quest twenty four because he won the set for life lottery that's the thing.

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