Huffington discussed on Duncan Trussell Family Hour


Any fan just i think i i think look once republicans know that they can't get anything more out of him them than wall then something like that will happen i think um because he'll pretty much sign anything in put in front of them he doesn't really care too much about it right oh you know once they once they figure out that low you know when he's not or no were we've got all we can we've gone as far as we can then then i think something like that will happen were were will be some gonna uprising or be yet may be the pissed something along those lines um but he's dodge so many bullets as it is i mean i could see his supporters like getting on board with the pissed eighth so i mean who knows well somebody till this what somebody told me somebody told me that just what you're saying that they're apart the once the tax plan gets through he's done like that's the last thing they need from him so like if they can get this crazy whatever the tax thing is done in there he's debt his dad my dad me at that's what i've heard and also i heard from somebody i mean here so many fucking things but right before all the ship went down somebody came up to some was telling me oh no no no i know these like really rich people in the they're telling me he's a fucked like the he's done and like you do keep hearing things like that and then you want to all my god as issues like huffington post dreams like you know is it just a dream and he used to say he's going to leave who's to say this is you know how i dated a girl once hughes mom was in the iranian revolution and when everybody had to leave and like like in she she she people have been in those kinds of situations where suddenly it's just like everything's changes.

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