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Hello. And welcome to the podcast. I'm kristen. And I'm Caroline and first off I would like to say happy birthday to Caroline. Because this is what thanksgiving episode and you'll birthday is on thanksgiving this year. I love it. I love this birthday cycle that I have where every couple of years. I get to pretend that the giant feast and the pie that follows is just for me. Now, will you have a special cake in addition to pies yet? Okay. Oh, yeah. Chocolate on chocolate, man. I like your birthday style. Thanks. Well, you have a woman to thank for this thanksgiving slash birthday feast that you will be having and I'm not talking about your momma. Oh, okay. No offense to Sally. I'm talking about Sarah Josefa hail. Oh, yes. She is the mother of thanksgiving. Yeah. And much like the mother of mother's day, Anna Jarvis. Yes. There we go and Jarvis who stars in one of our videos. Sarah HALE, had very particular ideas about how thanksgiving should go. And you know, of course, that included starting the thanksgiving mythology about the wonderful dinner coming together of the native Americans and the pilgrims. Indeed, the sixteen Twenty-one feast that's often cited as the first thanksgiving which was thrown by the pilgrims, aka the Browns English dissenters was as thanksgiving scholars, and yes, there are thanksgiving. Scholars would point out was merely the result of their puritanical fasting and feasting tradition. Right. And and so it was not uncommon to have a thanksgiving feast a giving of thanks celebration. If something amazing happened in this particular case, it was because they were thanking God for having a great food store. They'd made it through the winter, and they had enough food and tasty morsels and things it was definite. Not a scheduled ritual that would have been presumptuous because they were these feast, Ren, direct direct correlation with something awesome. That happened that was from God in their in their view. Yeah. And on the flip side of that. They would have these days of feasting. Yes. But they would also have those periods of fasting to where they would be seeking perhaps mercy from God by abstaining from food. So the whole idea of the pilgrims coming together with the womp, Noah, get native Americans in having this happy. Go lucky wonderful meal that then set off the course of thanksgiving history, as we know it is a bit of revisionist history. Courtesy of Sarah Josefa hail. Although that's not to say that there weren't other thanksgiving like celebrations that would happen. This was pretty common to have a giant meal to celebrate something. Absolutely. That's my favorite way. To celebrate something in seventeen seventy seven the continental congress declared a thanksgiving and then. In seventeen eighty nine Washington cold for a repeat and until eighteen fifteen new Englanders usually continued the tradition, but it is MRs HALE who we can thank for this glorious day of Turkey. Yeah. And we learned more about s j HALE over at the national women's history museum and the Boston women's heritage trail. She was born in New Hampshire in seventeen eighty eight taught herself at home, while her brother went off to Dartmouth. Because that's kinda how schooling went those days and her parents, though, did believe that their daughter. She get a quality education. But just not in public, right? Not not out of the house. So lord. Yeah. And she would sometimes studied the books that her brother bought brought home from college and in eighteen o six with all of this great education. She she received at eighteen she opened a private school and taught there until marrying lawyer David Hale in eighteen thirteen but then David the lawyer died in eighteen twenty two. And so she had five kids at the time and thought to herself, Sarah, what are we going to do to take care of all these kids, and she was a writer, and so she she wrote the book of poems, the genius of oblivion and other poems. And she also wrote a novel called northwood in eighteen twenty seven that had a lot of info in there on a thanksgiving celebration, a traditional New England thanksgiving. Yeah, I love how she paints thanksgiving as something that everybody should participate in. She also wrote Mary had a little lamb lamb in eighteen thirty. Yeah. So and so we should in the podcast there. Yes. Woman the created thanksgiving and wrote Mary had a little lamb the end done side note, though during this time on that. She was doing all of this writing in eighteen thirty three she established the Seaman's aid society in Boston to provide employment.

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