Senator Lindsey Graham, President Trump, South Carolina discussed on WBZ Afternoon News


About it in my opinion. Number one. What happened, but whether or not they knew about it if they knew about it that will be bad. The Trump administration is facing increasing pressure from congress to respond aggressively Trump ally in South Carolina, Republican Lindsey Graham said he is finished working with the crown prince. This guy is a wrecking ball. He had this guy murdered in a consulate and Turkey into expect me to fill used in abused. All right. So major a couple of interesting points from this Associated Press interview. We mentioned the president said, he's not responsible. If Republicans lose the house in November. He also made this guilty until proven innocent comment talk a little bit more about that. If you could well that is the same language the president used to talk about the allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse leveled against once supreme court nominee now associate Justice Brad Kavanagh and it runs in the face of what we just heard from Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, a fierce cavenaugh defender. But who now says this kashogi case is a deal breaker and ought to trigger. Harsh sanctions against the Saudi kingdom. Jeff major Garrett. Thanks very much desk toll from hurricane Michael Rose to thirty today. Two-thirds of the deaths are in Florida in Mexico beach. At least one person is still unaccounted for new drone footage shows the scope of the devastation block after block of homes wiped out in Georgia. Vice President Mike Pence. Pecan plantation or seventy percent of trees were destroyed by the storm flooding in central Texas turned deadly today. After days of pouring, rain, some rivers up to thirteen feet. Above flood stage homes are threatened evacuations have been ordered Courtney Zukowski is in Kingsland north west of Austin. The deafening gore was only matched by the Russia. Floodwaters boats and.

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