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Poop. Awesome and our new or the. Your you don't keep it up just. You guys are awesome. Elvis Duran and the morning show. Everything. Is Awesome. I guess sure depends on how you look at it all up to you. Glass. Half, empty it's either also. Hey welcome today it's. Who knows whatever day? Whatever we're year it is I don't know it's the same day everyday. Gandhi, how are you I? Am Great. How are you? I'm doing well. Danielle Im. Good. Thank you for Sam's in here. Buddy. They're scary. Everything is awesome. It is their straight. Straighten it. You need to sign onto the Zumra Muir mass today by the way. I know. Late, look at my air but. I know. Trying to. Eight and he and I couldn't hear him because he wasn't near the microphone and on the floor and his hands and knees trying to pick but EMINEM. But he sugar-free. Remember. Back In the morning. You have like seven different things that you're only allowed to only allowed to once a week. You keep adding amendments to your. Never Anyway Obviously every everybody's awesome. We're already hearing from froggy. He's texting us from his hospital bed. He's going home today. Savings Yeah. It's so weird. They had his head open yesterday he's going today. Anyway missy Elliott pushed the buttons scary. List I'm you got your card. Welcome to is this Wednesday Mississippi. y'All can stop me now this half. Women. Holla Holla people single. Jumper. Talk. Jeffrey. took. People you know. Tim. You weren't. uh-huh..

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