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We were talking about crooked i don't care who the ruined for alqaeda ever the ruined form against the quarterback though okay they do have a good quarterback but they don't seem to be able to translate that into a quarterback whose future is secured playing with them yet and so i'm looking at a club that has been completely incompetent that has been unable to sustain anything now for twenty years frank even when they brought the great hall of fame joe gibbs back it couldn't mount anything vin so if if i'm cousins i want to go i realize they could keep him but at this point what makes me think they are good enough smart enough capable enough understanding of talent to the degree that they can get any major decision right they have to be smart enough to know you could win with kirca's you wanna super bowl with mark ribbon you want to super bowl with doug williams good quarterbacks not all time legendary that's right quarterbacks right kirk cousins is twenty nine years old he's durable he is started forty four games including a playoff game he's go liberal for four thousand yards again look all over the nfl what's the one position this season that is a clear have witnessed had of teams freight i'm agree with you outrageous i think her cousins as a top 10 quarterback right now than what whether you decision to make once again once again we're talking about decisions players will make them particularly in this league you can't even came into force front office this is hold all the power whether or not they had the insult to do so if you're occur cousins are you think he's of everything that i've done so far going to really based on these last five games how does that that tells you you've had a guy for three years as your starter and you want to reduce could dense what he's doing the falcons they're not smart frank that's reading this look i've been talking all year in this seat about the nfl has coaches of front office people making one stupid decision after another think the browns would go after maybe the giants just take the acela free agent or why first class like globe ethic that.

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