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Scared of everything 'cause it's GonNa get eaten by anyone rights right like the world is a bunch of predators gonna eat the chicken right. You got that and so the way we interact with the world at large is where chickens. I mean we're little were were F- like everything about us as scared of not getting what we want. What's GonNa Happen here? What am I yelled at me? What if she takes away the car? What if she so we we become liars to keep everybody else? Happy and we lose the voice of our troops l.. We don't even care about it. We're developing being the voice of the chicken so that we can get ahead and bad fear and strategizing you like you the amount people strategize and never even have great sex with her own husband because they don't want to hurt their or feelings or tell the truth about has it right. It's like you know and then we're so offer to find our own voice about what we liked like. We can't even have five sentences for our own. You know body parts right we'll be full. Might not even know again. There's no dream there's no talking about it can bay. It's chicken lot so a lot of the chicken voice. Is The people pleaser voice that we know about now it's people pleaser and it also uses your past. It uses past precedents like well. You got in trouble that time so it it feels a case. Okay right yeah and it it you know there are joke. Is that you know. It's a bunch of squatters waters. That like no what they know. And so therefore you can never have restricted their father and he's never asked that from your husband and so you have to sneak in and and you come up with all these other strategies because fundamentally you're a chicken and you believe that the other person's more important than you or you don't WanNa lose their love like there's some way you put together your boss or someone on a pedestal and your Lestat and then this is like the only way you can figure out how to not get. Did you cut out. Lauren are you say that. Say That last part. Cut Out this part about you is your boss. Had fees figure out how to get and it cut out so what happens is as we become strategists and use the voice of the chicken chicken to come up with like how to get what we want given what we believe we have there been a yell at us. They're never going to give us that day off. They don't care a ballot. You know getting credit about that so you won't say hey. I really want you to notice right like I won't even have knowledge rights right because because it so we have all these strategies of how do we get what we want. Given the way we see the world. which is there's big bad wolves everywhere gonNA eat us? Wow and then we have a brat too which is kind of like our teenage self. Almost well I am. You can imagine even just for my tone that I am. I leave way more on the bright side. Okay tell us all right. I'll do you tomorrow. I'll go to bed when I want. I'd rather starve than exercise and eat right. All I won't apologize is right. It's your fall it. I could be mean right because you hurt my feeling like I'll even tell you the truth truth without setting it up with you like very bratty immature impetuous like a like entitled right because you know like like really quite creepy Li like a like a little baby bitch right but you know I told the truth right right so you could. You could have both though it's not like you're like a chicken or a Brat it's like different wall Wentz where we can be. Both we are both. Yeah both any any time. You don't have what you really want. Whether it's the body the money the job the marriage the relationship with your kids. It's basically typically a dance between the chicken and the Brat an and today's basic behavior right like what did you do today. Well I I really wanted my kid to come with me so I took away her phone and said get my car out that work. She didn't talk to me the whole time. And then I got really pissed and then I said she couldn't go out right. Wow and what was this. All for Rhode Island better relationship right and it's all her fault right so there you know what I mean. So it's like and then blame it on teenagers so if you were coaching that person you told the story about what would you. What would be a better response or away for that person to get what they wanted and have a better relationship You would you. Would you would really share with your kid. What you're sad? Bow what you're missing. What you yearn for what you hope for four and then ask them what they yearn for hope for and then try and go? Why is it this way? What do you think it is this way? What could we do? Did you would negotiate with that. Well you never let me you don't this you don't trust me you don't like your this disciplinarian that's a jerk. I don't WanNa give you love because and I don't WanNa play with you unless I need clothing right likes. You're no fun mom right and so what could we do. That would be fun. And how could I make you happy. And how could like. How can we negotiate right? Well you know and then you start associating and you're starting to develop that relationship but you don't do it like you get in the car so forcefully contriving well like you're the parent you know because I said so right. Isn't it so interesting because I'm listening to you. Say that an isn't it so interesting to think about how how many things or relationships and our live that. Maybe the US relationships I think this is an easy example but like you probably have the same end goal but because of our sometimes inability to communicate or be open or be honest or to know our dreams remes it can fall apart completely like you. Just don't get what you want once you think you know something like I know he'll never love me the way I want. That's like one. Plus one is two any belief you have theory. You have about your husband about yourself about your career. Once you've locked it. Yeah believe that thing. Yeah no matter how much you wish it was different different. That's like painting a glass. It's still a glass no matter where it is right so the fundamental thing that I teach in the method and and I get people to go after and really see for themselves through the process is the negative beliefs. That are age old in you that unless as you change your mind and Change Your own theory and cure your theory you are going to be cruising that theory. It's the nature of the beast. One hundred percent. I agree with that I call them the stories in my head or the stories. But it's like if you decide something about someone which usually for me is based on a fear. I have like it would be a fear if they this was in fact true but if I decide it every single thing they do I I will somehow be a see. I knew it. You know. I'll use that as proof to prove whatever that's theory is ahead or that story so in Quantum quantum physics. They did a study where they shot. Like a photon out of a laser and they created created a test of like this thin little slit and they shot the Photon to see if the photon would go through the slit. And guess what it went through the slips life and then they set up the tests that they'd have to slits and they shop. The one Photon to see if the particle would split guess. What the particle split amazing? It does exactly what we think is GONNA do. Now Watch for the Kicker K ready so the control test was they had the two slits they shot the photon but they watched it on a camera. They weren't watching it in the room. Got Me like the human was not watching. Okay and the photon did not not just split into two. It's split into thousands. Oh my gosh okay. And then what they figured out. Is that a human's focus is causing the way things move so if you believe your husband's a jerk you're making him what that doesn't mean that all of it if there's you know what I mean but there's a way to which we leave something at it proves itself if you're looking for the jerk on the road you're gonNA find them looking for how your kid is in GonNa honor you. You're gonNA find him what we look for. reprove out yes I then go ahead so then the genius would be figure out what you're proving that pay. I don't WanNa prove yeah and then figure out what you wish you would prove the dreams Catcher in a dialogue and take over the Fokker and that's pretty much what this book teaches you to do that was to me. That was a really good summary of this whole experience. Yes it's really you know twenty years later of of practicing this on on humans. Yeah gene humans. Human better it's it's it's so much more fun to be alive when you believe you have that kind of leverage power. I mean it. Isn't it true I've had days where my life looked. Exactly exactly the same like could have two different days but my life looks exactly the same situations are the same they. The relationships are the same. Nothing has changed changed except my attitude. Or you know the way I'm thinking about things and I can feel two completely different ways about the same exact act scenarios. Yes exactly right. That's exactly the point so you didn't create your you don't know you could take over the like it's all automated Machi in right right birthdays like I can take over the control. I can find the control control. Dial right right just like you know you can take over like you could hold your p and then p right like like the like ladies and gentlemen let's take takeover our minds. It seems to be the wild west of the new frontier of being Trudeau ourselves. And having what we want yes so fit in goal though. Because it's not like you just do this book one time or you may ride down your dreams. One time right and you're just life is perfect so is is this a constantly evolving state for us. It's even worse than that the minute I also teach like steak so it's all states of being if you would go. Your body is a three right on a scale of one to ten. Here's how you think about your body what you say to yourself. There's the memories you use against your pass if you're in a state of three the three is pervasive so when you dream and then change your promise like event like your vision and then you realize in that vision you have to have very different you know promises about the eating and exercising and Blah Blah Blah Blah..

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