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Richard vojkan wants an independent investigation into how a search for villa park teenager missing after jumping into the displays river was handled by various law enforcement agencies the body of sixteen year old cameron sanders was recovered thursday five days after he jumped off rengo bridge in melrose park into the river president trump at this hour is speaking in riyadh saudi arabia addressing the muslim world on terrorism issues trump saying all countries have an absolute duty to rid terrorism from their soil he also thanked kuwait for its help in the fight against terror and his pledging to update the public on their efforts soon he will be in israel tomorrow the president is still taking heat over what was said during that oval office meeting with russian officials earlier this month he reportedly called fbi director a former fbi director james call me a nutjob national security advisor general hr mcmaster clarified this morning what the president meant when he said that a great deal of pressure has been taken off the gist of the conversation was that the president feels as if he is hamstrung in his ability to to work with russia to find areas of cooperation because this a bit obviously so much in the news mcmaster was a guest on abc's this week with george stephanopoulos a man to be believed in his twenties or thirty's and bleeding from the head was found dead in a marking a mall parking garage stairwell yesterday afternoon this at the westfield old orchard mall in skokie the investigation is ongoing and now that new orleans is removed three prominent confederate statues and a monument heralding white supremacy what's should the city do with them they'll be receiving proposals for groups that want to take three of the monuments the last tied up and legal issues and display them which exports traffic and weather next on wgn my computer is so slow it's making the crazy i to have that problem did you quit using the computer redid you buy a new one fell icon peaks on site they made an appointment to visit my home and showed up the same day you need they didn't ask you to bring your computer to a shop as.

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