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African with a high motive. Now I got most not mom. Dream on three themes there and log inaudibly by the doors and by the way you're not making tomorrow you don't. You don't think you know what. With the wisdom teeth. I'm not making it. Pain. What's your prediction for the fight pain. Is that rocky three day, is that rocky. That's. Clubber Lang. Okay. All right. But dis yesterday, what am I sought to to foot that he's on fire today? Shout out to the back row. Oh, all right. Well, there you go. Thank you d they're literally on fire a strong call from day yet is as that was well, nobody's called me out that I won't be able to answer the bell tomorrow after getting wisdom to. I appreciate that though. Do you have a backup plan if I can't make the call Bali? Nope. We should get a backup plan and can't case. I can't answer the bell. I suggested it to management. All right. Yes, paulie are yes for I think he's more concerned about you than calling you out and challenging, whether you're going to be tough enough to get through Friday, show pain. I asked the doc, I said, do you think I can do my shell? And he said, yeah, but can you do your show? Well, I go. Why can't do that? Even when I not on medication Yambol you, you're going to be in pain either way you might as well hang out here, which meet Friday too. Right? But then I don't know if I'm going to be able to enjoy meet Friday what blended up and give straw. That's all. So gross Mark in Arizona. Hey, Mark, what do you have for me? Hey, Dan, I just want to give you a little tip at forty five years old. I went and had to poll just regular twos with laughing gas, and I'll tell you what the next hour. I spent crying like a little baby in Walgreens, waiting for my painkillers. You are not gonna be working tomorrow. Trust me pal, but good luck. All right. Well, thank you, Mark, man. That was the most ominous. Good luck. Yeah. Yeah, but good luck hold the that. That was a challenge de was like, I hope you. Going to be okay. That was like, I, I dare you to be able to do the show tomorrow. Maybe I should reconsider this the the procedure yet I'm supposed to have it in an hour. You still gonna have to pay. I can kill within twenty four hours. You still have to pay. I need a note from my doctor to give to my doctor. I mean, how much? All right. How much does your wisdom tooth really hurt? It's tolerable. Why did they tell you? You needed to have it pulled. They took one of those scandals x-rays, and then he goes, look, you should get it out because it's going to cause you even more problems down the road. It's like a casket. When you look at your teeth when you get an x Ray, it looks like there's like this little casket, like a dead tooth. They're lying sideways. Did they tell you as a problem? Or was it a problem? And you said this to through this bother me, it was bothering me it and they every time I've had my rays that the dentists will always say, you know, you should probably get those out. Yes, yeah. Yeah. I have the same conversation with I grant granted. I haven't been to the dentist in about ten years, but the last time I went, they had a similar conversation with me about, I think they said my jaws is gonna break at some point. Oh my it hasn't yet. It clicks a lot, but it hasn't broke. It hasn't been. Yes, Tom, you didn't drop a don't. You know who I am kind of thing. I know it's the Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend, but to just find a way for him to be available, take care and do it Friday right after the show today. Thank you. We talk to Nick Sabin the Alabama coach earlier in the show I our and we talked about his quarterbacking situation. Here is Nick Sabin Dan. How are you. I'm not bad. I appreciate it every year..

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