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Number two talk move corona virus update and Korea. Can I just say kind of tired of the Krona? Various Don't let it's just getting started. I think that before we really get going. That is such a pervasive idea. Now because whenever you see stories you see them all over the place a pandemic is just getting started and now I think most people are tuned. The fuck out. They already don't care. And it's not even really in the full upswing yet that is scary. Thought I guess so well. Us military officials confirmed Wednesday chaps that twenty-three-year-old US forces career soldier stationed at the Camp Carroll Army base near Di Goo is currently in self quarantine at his office residents after testing positive for the newly identified virus. Notify she as Scoville nineteen which originated in China. The soldiers diagnosis prompted. Us forces career to raise its risk level too high on Wednesday out of a strong abundance of caution in utilizing the USF K. commanders authorities to protect the population from Cova nineteen. South Korea has the second highest national total of Corona virus cases behind China as of Wednesday South Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. It's recorded one thousand one hundred forty six confirmed cases of new. Corona Virus and eleven fatalities. Those numbers are news to me. I didn't realize it was getting them. Yeah and so I would imagine there's pretty large bass there in South Korea. I would imagine that knowing that. That's the country. The second most cases they are probably an overdrive right now trying to figure out how to quarantine how to stop it. I'm guessing at twenty three years old that's US soldier. Korea isn't listed. Take us up at it and I feel like that makes you the smelly kit of the unit. Oh Hey ron viruses much worse than lice. I mean he just get around it I would much rather have lice than corona virus because at this point now like you talk about a thousand cases in South Korea. There is a chart that was going around. I don't like to fear monger but folks I'm GONNA fear monger for a second because there's this chart and they had SARS. They had a bola they had. I think swine flu listed and then they had corona virus. So there's four major quote the last four major pin dimick's that was going on the charts like it starts off corona viruses just kicking on long basically the same speed that abolish it. And you're like Oh Bola was the big fucking deal for awhile. Sars is way up here because SARS is a big deal that took place in China as well now. Corona virus is so far up the chart that you can't even see the other three on for like confirmed cases globally and the scary part takes two weeks of an incubation process for this to even show up in tests so they don't even know like you have to be away from from two weeks containing this on a global scale and so many people are traveling across the globe. Like never before. This shit is legitimately scary but I would love it. If there was somebody in my platoon that had corona virus. I would absolutely blasted would destroy little life if they had corona virus. Why that's a little stream smoke? It a little bit if they sneeze. I'm not talking about destroying their lives like slice in their throat. But I'm saying it from like a verbal hazing perspective where you're just like you. Nasty little worm you get strep throat and you get treated like it was your fault. Imagine coming into the company office and you have corona virus. And that's what it says on your Jet Corona virus. But you know if one person has it more people are going to be diagnosed there with but they say it's it has about two percent death rate right now which it's mostly like. This is sad. Like older people and people weaker immune system stuff like that so most people are surviving the same. But it's still a huge amount on a global scale potential to be really bad and here in the United States the CDC's has a California patient with no travel history and no known exposure to another patient has tested positive so that was scary to. Did you read about that? What happened there? No so what happened? There is that this guy came into the hospital was saying that he had some of the systems that what was going on with corona virus. The hospital in California reached out to the and said that we need testing and they said well he hasn't been anywhere that corona virus so. We don't feel like he needs to do the testing at this point. Then he went back to the hospital. A couple of later. Another hospital actually had the tests for Corona Virus. Any test positive so he was going around in society and things like that for two weeks no and he had positive tests and the hospital issued a statement that. Hey this isn't our fault. We can't get sued if this caused an outbreak in our city we ask the CDC and the CDC said. It was no deal. Yeah well our Dean Bloomberg who is an infectious disease specialist at UC Davis Medical Center? Said what you just said suggests that the viruses out there in the community and that means pretty much everybody's at risk we don't know who might be carrying it. We don't know who we can get it from. So that's definitely a little scary. If you're in that California area right now and realize sixty F- confirmed cases in the United States press conference by President. Donald Trump did not do too much to eat. Americans fears about the potential spread on Wednesday night. He kind of put himself at the center of it. All and I think he's trying to ease people's minds cracking wise about Germaphobe recounting. Run in with a sick friend using a standup comedians pater- he waved around colorful graph showing America superiority on virus containment listed facts. He had just learned about the flu. And it didn't really bolster a lot of lot of good vibes about it. But you know who knows? But I pretty confident in in America's medical field though that we can combat anything that is thrown at us while they're working really hard right now obviously worldwide scientists and doctors are working to find an antidote to this but also this remind me on radio last night. It's been just a topic that's on everybody's minds. I got a caller because we were talking about it for a segment. A caller called in he was living in California. He was just out of high school and his dad worked for like professional. Lacrosse league and they were doing this. Big Lacrosse event in the Czech Republic. So his dad asked him like. Why don't you come with me and help so he? He goes the night before though he smoking hookah with his friends. This was years ago when the hookah was up too soon as the hookah next day he gets on the plane. He starts to feel sick on his way to the Czech Republic. He lands and he's like. Oh fuck I'm like really feeling sick. Turns out he had the swine flu and he brought to the Czech Republic. Oh man swine flu. They had to track down the people that were like on the plane then. His Dad ended up getting Corentin to he said he spent like two weeks in Czech Republic like like Soviet hospital with no like. He can't speak language so he can't watch TV. I didn't have everything they had to quarantine him so him going to another country and kind of bring it but it how easily like he. I mean they got lucky that they tested him for but an American bringing slime flute at the Czech Republic. How easy this shit can spread and I just kind of an interesting story but yeah I never thought really about all the different processes of what happens in a panic type of situation where they're trying to find the actual person the little monkey on outbreak essentially. Where they I was reading about it yesterday. If you're on a plane or this guy the one that was in UC Davis Hospital. They have to go back and try to contact every single person that he's had contact with over the last couple of weeks to try to see where it started from. Or where like trace your way back. Imagine going through that like you have corona virus like you tested positive corona virus. Then you have all these government agencies coming in and being. Tell us where you were. Tell us what you're like dude. I don't remember what I had for fucking lunch onto fan. Yeah let alone who I talked to. Eleven days ago mine would be really sad it. Just be sport me and my work and then you have. That mess aren't and career. That probably goes out there. Like Double Dog. Where the fuck where you at least every fucking swing a that? You've been with her they're sick. Oh Yeah it's GONNA get your ass sick call teas to that soldier in South Korea. I'm sending good thoughts that they'll be okay. I think they'll be okay but again. Once they've been they sneeze by accident. You know everybody seemed like everybody's going to be given that get hard time. Probably whoever they are overly so what do you put them all in one big barracks. And then you're GONNA have corona virus fire. Watch what do you guys think about China? In general just always getting these crazy diseases and being like patient zero for all these. Big Pandemics across the world are they. Yes yeah well I mean one. You have such a large population. Their population numbers are huge. Right Oh by percentage wise. If something happens it's going to happen. The odds are going to happen in China because they have one third of the entire global population inside their country. So I think that that's pretty natural. And to just the way that they eat like possibly starting from fried bat soup can we just not folks. We not eat fried that soup. Maybe just avoid the really awkward Weird Cuisines Stop. Hang Weird Shit China like I know it makes. Dont get off really good videos. But just stop it with the weirdness. I'm just trying to because I know nothing about this and I didn't even know most come from China but I also would imagine their government being like look away. Everything's fine everything's fine. That's why it happens there. I don't mean on my tin foil happened. It's because it's a communist environment where they don't want the government to look responsible for anything so they tried to hide it and cover it up. Same thing happened in China and Russia whenever that went down. You don't want on a global stage for your country to look like the one that's causing a big outbreak like this so you try to hide it as much as possible. Transparency is important. Let's move onto round three round number three as we all know the last few years. The trend has been finally giving women more opportunities for especially in combat roles across the military and in both the US and Great Britain. This week there have been news about women making even bigger strides and first of all shout out to news DOT COM for this headline that. I don't think they thought out very well. Report First Female Green Beret is coming anyways. A Better version from Haley Britzka at tasking purpose for the first time. Ever a woman is nearing graduation to join the ranks of army special forces. According to The New York Times Thomas Gibbons neff a female national guards former guests on the show former guests. This show A Female National Guard soldier is in the final stage of training before graduating to join the green berets as an engineer. Sergeant Special Command did not immediately respond to requests for comment but told The Times that they could not release Info because of security concerns officials also told The New York Times that the soldier is almost guaranteed to graduate. I don't know why they would say that Through though nothing is official and some soldiers have been forced to withdraw near the end of training due to injuries..

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