John Slade, Steve James Hammer, Isaak discussed on The Projection Booth Podcast - Special Report: I'm Gonna Git You Sucka! (1988)


Absolutely love is fantastic as john slade and especially when he meets him and keen however williams is like the people need you man and his reaction to that is fucking fantastic people need me it was the people madam made me retired the people said i was two five for the math of people retired now and i can enjoy the finishing ally okay for them and so we are going to go after mr big who apparently putting these gold chains on the street and really that's the movie i mean the movie is jacks spade going around with john slade mike god this is tough to say and getting the did the game back together getting the ban back together and doing so getting uh kung fu joe who's played by steve james hammer whose play by isaak's and again i gotta wonder if they're trying to get uh fred the hammer williamson for that race slammer instead of slaughter play by jim brown and then eventually kind of peripheral to this whole thing is fly guy play by antonio fergus whose really channelling his huggy bear character in this and who has my absolute favorite seen in the movie when used for a federal jail on his in his can be as the pim close only to discover that the world we knew is left behind and he also is kind of the euro the movie spoiler alert yeah it's a it's it's yet i you you talk to him for this this episode dan you yes yeah i'm real interest of the here what uh what he has to shake his microgravity steals the movie i think he the best uh the the best both dramatic and kinda comedic reports just look in on his face uh he's running away after is one goldfish uh shuhei shattered is is just hilarious it's just to go back to your point about what you were saying about of the slade chefs connection idyllic health leads lengthy music is essentially just the is it just straight up the opening of the chefs did ordered his the app it is john okay yeah it which is a i which is just fantastic and i love the idea of just having a band follow him around that's almost that's that's almost like monty python gag you know it's it's it's really great.

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