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To after the stops running so what do you think could happen here would you expect a government to step in because that that seems like a big ask but i i know that already the government of manitoba has said there just won't be subsidies to keep it going but what what would you like as a solution here there has to be some interim measure 'cause we can't just down and people like that we have to figure out something until we look at the bigger picture and and also more solidified plan going forward and and that time going for it has to involve indigenous leadership in in first nations themselves it's time now and that we take care of our own needs and our own communities and this is part of it this is a huge part of it could not be part of the solution perhaps a group of first nations communities you know starting their own sort of transportation system absolutely we're told by you know officials that medical transportation in manitoba alone is about one hundred fifty million a year that goes to transportation companies so that's a lot of money and there's better ways to bring people down to their appointments into other things that they need to get to in a more efficient way and if we're not going to be taking resources up north which we want to that's what we're working on but in the interim we have to find ways to make sure our people are getting services that they knew have you ever taken the greyhound have and when you're starting out that this normal to take those most of transportation and and when you're a student who's especially in the course so how how critical is it would you say to the communities represent it very critical especially on the on the on the west side of the committee a lot of the on the east side is is mostly isolated and served by airlines and then on the other side would it have allweather roads they rely more heavily end in the central park on the bus thankfully there are a few communities now that have their own medical transportation system i know that no way how says that there's a few other communities that bring their own patients down and we'll have to see how we can support them so they can do it in a bigger way also to the other communities able to do that okay grand chief thank you thank you sheila north is grand chief of the manitoba qiwei to know we come back we reached her in the name obese e meantime there are signs that other companies may pick up at least some of the slack that greyhound lease behind casper transportation in thunder bay announced today that it will add five new routes through manitoba emphas catch win in october.

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