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To keep the rest of us in line twenty i've talked about this in the office all the time i don't want to take too much credit for it in the in the sense that i feel like maybe i i was kind of lazy in college in the sense that i i mean i literally took the path of least resistance i was always sort of a math guy and so it would have been really really hard for me to get a little liberal arts degree i mean that would have been i mean that would've been almost impossible my brain doesn't work that way so i didn't you know when i was twenty years old or even eighteen getting a high school i didn't say hey i want to grow up and be a financial adviser you know things happen i think people can identify with that path of least resistance i wound up with a degree in economics and finance and university of florida university florida right grew up here in florida and then wound up in chicago we're going to the board of trade in new york for a while and bottom line if you spend if you grew up in florida and you spend some time in chicago and then you spend some time in new york you start thinking about moving back to florida so we started this company almost will actually now over twenty years ago so help people with their financial lives all the time especially well actually only when they're nearing and in retirement and a lot of different things happen that help us accumulate wealth maybe it saving investing over the years it could be sometimes an inheritance happens every so often but whether it's an inheritance or an unlikely lottery win you might come into a large sum of money one day it's possible and when you do it's critical that you get professional advice and attorney danielle mayoress gave yahoo finance an example of how that can really pay off there was a case of a huge powerball winner in rhode island who won over two hundred million dollars and she was very smart she created an irrevokable trough paying the taxes took the money in a lump sum payment put all of it into the trust and the trust actually had her visions as to how she could take the money out from the trust and how could use it the reason i wanted to talk about the.

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