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Fight story to tell from his playing days and i'm here to tell you i have an actual naked shower fight story from my playing days so afford a one upping golik a bull get to the rockets fight after this first i wanna talk about the cavs we mentioned yesterday on the show they were meeting up with the warriors and we were really interested to see not only the results of the game after the cavs have struggled so mightily but the response to the loss and dave mcmenamin was on with culligan when wind go this morning and i think a lot of the conversations that came up as a result of those terrible backtoback 25 plus point losses even before the pacers all season even before last night's loss of the warriors are still rumbling around and are still being discussed in the public and in the broadcasting hymns and also in the locker room and one of the things that we continue to discuss is weather tyronn lue was calling unspecific specific player about having an agenda and this was dave mcmanaman's i think thoughtful and and probably right response on golik and wind go about what exactly he meant when he said the guys can't have agendas d where's that it was meant to shed light on anything other the fact that the way they were playing defensively it was selfish where players were more concentrated on the optics of getting scored on by bad rather than big the right defensive adjustments or rotation and picking up a player if they're teammate with burned by a guy aims having those habits be intrinsically part of what they do no matter who scores because tight called up on those kind of us to say it's not that this guy is your man or my that it's our to snare and so we approach our defense that way we're gonna struggle.

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