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Today Ryan multiple Greg the Tigers of course have a more day off before the all star break comes to an end a little bit of the second half of the baseball season tomorrow in Kansas city against the Royals today though Alavi law ninety seven on the ticket talking about the team's rebuilding process and he admits he feels or had a schedule lease for the pictures for the record player unless you see those that the statistical and other staff across the board as far as on base percentage OPS you know that your your home run things of that nature you know you tend to get nervous about it but we do feel strong and good about our our the pitching is coming up we we think we're going to have a good starting rotation we're gonna we're to have a good bullpen now bill went on to say he plans to use free agency to strengthen the team's development at certain positions also touched on how much interest Shane Greene to Matthew Boardman garnering ahead of the trading deadline overly aggressive but I think it's because just the timing of it right now I I think although more of coming out of the weekend coming up accords how great the guys are gonna be deadline is at four o'clock July thirty first Tigers also top list of pro sports teams to lose the most amount of fans over the last ten years according to a study by twenty four seven wall St the try to seen a forty one percent dip in their tennis the last decade used average nearly forty thousand fans in two thousand eight compared to just twenty three thousand last season this season the bringing in just under nineteen thousand missed consecutive to take part in the fifth the Maui invitational in team history the Spartans now know who the open the tournament with that's Virginia Tech November twenty fifth and individual game tickets on sale this week for Michigan football this fall three games so sold out that's army Notre Dame and Ohio state with sports fifteen and forty five past each hour I'm Ryan Wally WWJ newsradio nine fifty with a couple of crashes.

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