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Front of you and one pass it along all the kfbk traffic tip line dial pound 2 50 say traffic traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons news 93.1 K. 0 K. Forecast for today. The high in the Valley 92 degrees and then we're looking at 102 to 106 tomorrow and as high as 110 on Sunday, so it's going to be a very hot weekend. Oh, man, 6 61 out now it feels great right now. Beautiful morning right now. Alright. Well, there is word this morning that three Sacramento schools. Will change their names. KFBK Sneak a mega. His report, the Sacramento City Unified School District is moving forward with plans to remove symbols of intolerance from campuses. The district plans to rename three schools Kit Carson International Academy, Sutter Middle School and Peter Burnett Elementary. Sacramento City Unified says the renaming of schools is part of the district's first effort to dismantle racism from within the system. Nika Mega Hiss News 93.1 CALF, IKEA. In other news this morning, the Twin Rivers Unified School District offering Cove in 19 saliva testing. It is part of the school district's plan to eventually get students back into the classroom for in per And learning. The Twin Rivers Unified School District has ordered 10,000 test kits from Rutgers University. A Republican Assemblyman says he doesn't get it. He is not a fan of California's new code 19 Color coded tier system. Can't be Kay's Mike back a report third district Assemblyman James Gallagher, doesn't like the tiered system and pins most of the blame on Governor Gavin Newsom. You gotta love this governor, right? I mean, it comes out this whole thing last week. Hey, I got a new color coded system, you know, look at these flashy, colorful tears. I've established but then you get into the fine print and all of means is.

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