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Seven thirty seven MAX and our friend Cynthia McFadden from NBC sat down with a whistle blower from Boeing someone who worked at Boeing for quite some time was a military man got a job at Boeing was thrilled with it and then got very nervous about was going on in the factory the missed my conversation was sent yesterday by the way she rode the train from Washington to New York so she's a trooper she was talking on the train we talked about a number of things including check out this statistic getting out on schedule yeah some of the time you can imagine the question there's more than putting on the war and your mission sure a culture in which I observed and there are more than she show mad transient stinky error who are being training transaction not just the man in charge seven eight being built at that time and I said you know there's you know we know the Max is grounded I will build seven thirty seven bill during that period that your surgeon what they need thank you Jack what I find white that's all transportation committee he actually made so the one thing you're really struck me to about and this is a big tough guy he was very emotional talking to you and as an incredible amount of guilt about not speaking up sooner or maybe not speaking up enough did you have that sense I mean he said I mean he first letter to the to the man who supervised the seven thirty seven program the first email four months before the lion air passage and he said the day he heard a gun down you know he he wore out and I just thought maybe I could have done more and then after open she actually she writes she all of the company to the general counsel of the country she either white or the more than the raptors every single one of them actual separate email no applause from the board and nineteen days later the second the Max we will it is hard to beat but when he Shane would not say he is not saying that he can went down as a result of problems on the factory floor but what he's saying is we need to know that the leak was Junker software problem he shares you know doesn't mean you lay the full extension what she feels is going on and I and I think you know what he wants more the committee has to say only when she reached after the FAA they basically are thanks no sense and you can't be basically said not our job not our jurisdiction and he never heard back from the department of transportation your name Eric had the does nothing but represent local dollars and he's up in the hundred over the last twenty five years he's taken and Kate bono because he thinks it's so important that people hear what he has to say I in my twenty five year career doing this for a living I've never encountered the kind of regulatory blindness deafness when you go bowling too big dole into big to regulate and only tell you something I don't understand going on here and listen this is a guy who left a job he loved until we didn't and decided to retire in August twenty eighteen another court he gave you said I felt like I was abandoning the Titanic he lives in the heart of Boeing country on the west coast you know yes I it's hard because I have friends and family who you know Mumbai always blowing but I want to hold on to a higher standard so usually public sources stumbled on the side the June catastrophic crashes thirteen other or seven thirty seven maxim had a safety issue now some of the look to being rather I mean I'm not an expert but we look at it some of them may not be a catastrophic nature in one instance a Norwegian airline had to make an emergency landing in a wrong and another the jet lost it right engine upon check off I mean there for instance are accurate and and we've been able to document using public sources that need all occurred she stands the seven thirty seven matches that were produced during this is I mean that's another incredible statistic in what the bottom line is you this what great reporting does gives an opportunity for Mister Pearson to come out and talk about this alerts the company that a lot is known here in lives could be saved so is always Cynthia McFadden my fan right what would be my fandom my for you gets bigger and bigger especially doing this interview on a train this is Megan I'm in another I'll keep talking yeah we could do a whole series of interviews were really talk while you're on the train but let's remind people can see this NBC news dot com best spot right absolutely and you know we we told you it up on our on our Twitter account NBC news dot com and I think it is a feeling fat and meanwhile ed Pearson is the Pearson and we and we spoke of the whistleblower hi Steve in a market outlook for I do hear some of the things you could move the markets on this Wednesday December the eleventh of course we'll see the federal reserve's decision on interest rates today following a two day meeting largely expected that interest rates will be were remain unchanged the federal reserve chairman will have a news conference after that announcement little bit later this afternoon inflation figures for November are due today analysts are forecasting a gain of one tenth of a percent over October they see inflation rising one point nine percent over November of last year we'll see that reported about seven thirty Chicago time this morning so few things that could move the markets on Wednesday December the eleventh or we come back bingo controversy van de Velde and let me remind you as well the market outlook sponsored by seceded back van de Velde they can go contour it's not actually a part of merry but we I have a big a story for you I'll guide five fifty five and the northwestern medicine.

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