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Hey everyone welcome back to another episode of the night wing news. Once again we had an interview. Last week with cow higgins. This time i am site. I'm excited. I am nervous because we have a legend of the comic industry. You know him the creator of booster gold doomsday. That's right one of the people who killed superman that's right My my son's fate Character oh all right. I mean dc marvel. He's been everywhere. I'd probably a character. There's prey isn't a big character in either to you. Haven't touched right Mr dan jergens excited yes. I'm excited like i said i right. I know we have limited time. So i wanted to start with the night wing stuff So the whole rick race in thing you kinda got thrown into the deep end on that right right. Yes yeah. I mean that is something that was well underway. Before i got there. They had already gone into with a couple of other writers. I think at least re So yeah i kinda came into that one and like walking way. Were walking into a movie. That's over reducer so comic notice that they give you. Was it like short notice or did you have lake time. That plot out your and of it while no there was a reasonable amount of notes. That wasn't a problem. The problem was when they started talking to me about it They kind of said you know we were in the situation with character we have recruits and we have the four other characters who are claiming to be night wayne. Rick has no memory and and we're looking for something that works year in are you and percent. What would you do and I said gimme a couple of days to think about it. And i started thinking about it kind of got a little bit captivated by the notion of what if you had a essentially a robin who had no memory of actually training on under batman but still had those skills they have. Well you know there might be something interesting here So then we had a couple more discussions. And i said all right. I'll give it a go on. We'll see where we can get with And nc what we do. And i jumped on board and you know started making some changes right away to try. Hold things together a little. I mean the story was fine before. But i don't know if i like the almost seemingly random this of it but then when you brought in the court house i was like. Oh yes thank you. Thank you crawl. Randomness is actually of a good word. Because i said You know some of my initial questions were well was the kgb's out to kill nightline just want to wound him. You know that. Gee if i put that bullet right there he'll get amnesia served. That's not really how amnesia in memory loss really work anyway. Then why all of a sudden if you wanna him not to know where he was or who he had been did he go to blue haven instead of san francisco. I had all these questions. And i thought well i have these questions. The readers have those exact same questions. And i'll start to work into this story and and i think by turning it into or o'clock that was driven by the order bottles It involves talent and some of these other things that it started to just make more sense and become more of a night wing story. Yes one hundred percents Go you saying you save you. Save the story. Because i was like what's going on here. I don't understand Mouth came in now makes sense smart so got any any other part about. Was that characters that were stepping in for night one. I i thought that way. Sort of detracted from the idea over dick grayson a richard grayson without his memory. And i said there are so many different elements here that these things are just sort of. What can we do to really focus. And i said you know i can work with four characters. You want to be night wayne but to me when you get into these stories where all of a sudden someone else's capping in or whatever herea whether it's night weighing whether it's i don't care who it is. The story should be that if you want heroes to be unique that they can't do it right. I mean no matter how hard they try. If you have dick grayson years training can trained under one of the best shooters in the world. Ever in batman or people were cops on the street. Just can't walk without retreats right. i mean they. They start jumping from building to building slip. Fall and die on the third base and i think part of it is dan. Okay let's make that part of the story. let's make it all work. Unless just what we can do to elevate night win himself raisin without besmirching anyone else and looking down on anyone in just again make it more of a nightmare story. Even though he's not called wing at this point. So i mean we kind of he kinda got them the stand down. You know in issue seventy five. Are they going to keep appearing or the further plans for them. We're going to see them again. I just don't know that it necessarily means they're going to be dressed up in costumes trial but yeah these errors were a wok that was invested in them So you'll you'll see them again right away next issue in seventies and a also gonna see the condors. I would like to do something with the condors again. That was something that came up really hurt. You know coming out. Nightline was not but the condors were in that High i think our last annual 'em out Like in spring year or something like that. They wanted another annual in the new gateway up on the schedule and said basically. This was your last week. I thought well what can we do. I wanna do something that uses night wing with racing being night wing at that point dot. Okay we can do a story set in the past. We had introduce one of the condors in the story line already. So let's take a look at who they were. But yeah. I think there's something that would be unto explored on row anyone. I'm enjoying the competition Behind midnight wing reading. Because i was really turned off on the the whole thing and you know and like phil want me back over trying to catch up with me and turn it around idol Caught up. I'm just i just wanted to be on the recording to talk with you can. You're also huge superman fan. Oh if you just look behind me see some but i think You know you had asked about. The condors is i had mentioned earlier. Annual was really Night waiting annual to where we brought in order balls in. And i think that's where everything started to come together and get little more reader. Because i was i had to come on and to clean up a bit of what was there and make some of that function and then was really that annual where we brought in that regard make it clear that this was a long running plot and we could introduce the idea that gee the court of appeals were just justice fixture in mind going all the way back with his parents were saliva. Hauge things really started together and again anti do what i said which was. Let's.

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