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The robert wood johnson foundation at our w j f dot org this is morning edition from npr news i'm david greene then i am rachel martin there were protests yesterday in seoul south korea protests that disrupted a visit by north korean officials the protestors told npr they are skeptical that these new plans for uniting the two korean korean teams at the next month's winter olympics will ease tensions over the north's nuclear program democratic senator tammy duckworth shares that skepticism i spoke with her shortly after she returned from a visit to japan and south korea there's no illusions among our allies and our own military leaders that the north koreans are not continuing to pursue to refind their nuclear capabilities even as who participate in the olympics we spoke with the former us ambassador to a rock ryan crocker just recently on this program and he argued that president trump's strategy on north korea the strong man n approach might eventually end up breaking this long stalemate let's listen to this clip it made sure be duffy difference in tone that president trump has existed may do something down the line there what do you make of that well i the problem is we don't know if the difference if he makes is going to be cut her pad frankly am kim jong owned a leader of north korea is facing a major economic crisis at home and he's telling his own people guess you're going to be starving no you're not getting there the you know medicines in the food that you need but that's important for support our money and this nuclear programme because the rest of the world and especially america's out to get us and we have in donald trump someone who actually provides him with the tweets an actual clips of him saying these things he might as well be working for the north korean propaganda machine so at the same time the trump administration will argue that what has happened in the.

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