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Plan welcome to yet another episode of manager dan money with ben malcolm where i myself ben carter joined by my wonderful cohosts mr malcolm ethridge what's going on malcolm not too much man another day another dollar indeed as they say as we always do you know i'm outraged in annoyed and appalled by something that i just realized and learned like a couple of minutes ago and i'm saying a lot because you don't get upset very is more just like we are walking towards a certain future world that looks like one of those worlds and those movies we were presented a couple years ago amazon has facial recognition technology and they are apparently selling it to government and law enforcement bodies and one of the like civil liberties organizations that fights for like you know american civil liberties like aclu yes something like that was another one came out in like basically said amazon new stop number one selling this to you know good luck to do stop selling amazon right but more than just like them selling the facial recognition stuff i was like thinking about the minority report the movie with that tom cruise right or he's like doing the house thing matt damon until you sit tom cruise regardless i'm pretty sure it's tom cruise and they have what's called the i can't remember what they called the people that could see into the future that new crime you were about to commit and that's like the whole premise of the movie but in the movie tom cruise is walking through the city and the ads in the city are addressing him by name they're like malcolm you need some new soap and.

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