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It was 5th in the top of my head there, really sneaking up, you know, beating a couple of those very, very tough American runners in there too. So yeah, no, I definitely feel like this interest stable would definitely I would not be opposed to them grabbing a win here on the night. Okay. So he's been racing in Argentina, but so some of them have been prepping here, the majority, the ones that they wanted to bring over here. They've been here for quite a bit now. But in general, they've all started out in Uruguay and they came over with kind of like a whole contingent. Plus, because Uruguay's were in Brazil, came from an investor was absolute machine of a horse. It took not only the classic, but also the Dubai World Cup as well. So Irwin's got to be on the short list. Maybe I'm going to flip flop and dump combination. Let's briefly talk about the Dubai golden shaheen on the dirt over 6 furlongs. What are your thoughts? I mean, this is, of course, a race that the Americans have dominated over the last more than a decade or so. This is the race that the majority of American trainers grab their good, they're good stateside sprinter says, let's get cracking here. Of course, it might your biscuits 2017, 2018 back to back wins and last year's end and was American trained as well. Bob offered had a host window it's been a race that definitely seems well suited towards the American speed. So hence we have a couple of American speedsters in here trying to get the victory for them here today. I find this race quite a tough one to figure out who do I really want to go with in terms of the American runners, Mark lad doctor Shiva, of course doctor Shiva, cheers, doctor Shiva, sorry. I keep saying that wrong with chivalry. Just got bested by a lower west in the British cup dirt sprint that was a tremendous performance triple digit buyer. I came off that sentinel sprint championship before that last race was in the grade one. Malibu now, look, obviously didn't turn up. They're either had a bad day or the fact is he ran into flight line, which is going to be perhaps the best horse in the United States. So either just want to give him a pass, but the only thing is, is doctor Shiva gonna enjoy going overseas first time he hasn't traveled before a more cloud doesn't travel with that often either. So it's of course when it comes to these dirt sprinters, everything has to go right. Yeah. Everything has to be done to perfection. So perhaps that's maybe the drawback with doctor Shiva housing going to come into here and has he taken well to traveling. Now, I did hear positive reports that one direct Craig is doing really well for trying to Brittany Russell. He gave her her first graded stakes victory, actually won the defense's dash, but got TQ. Just a solid individual. And of course Brianna Russ, her first time traveling over, so that's a tricky one. But their reports are very, very happy with how he's doing. He's a very, you know, sort of bulky, fast horse, early tends to take over his races and just run everyone into the ground, basically. I think he's going to try and do that again here as well. I think his number is 13, but he's drawn towards the outside, which I don't really mind for him to be honest. I think that allows him to kind of look in and make that move. I think drawn in 11 by the looks of it because it's also a bit confusing right when the numbers are not the stalls. I always have to kind of go, okay, hold on. Laura king and I were talking about this on Twitter the other day. I was like, yeah, just change that. Stop, stop, change it to just being stolen numbers..

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