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On his news station. Katya our news 92 3 FM I'm Richard Can't do today after the mob assault on the U. S. Capitol complex a wave of resignations from the outgoing President's administration, the latest education secretary Betsy DeVos, Earlier Transportation Secretary Elaine Child resigning after Wednesday's violent events that many say were triggered by the president, urging supporters to march to the capital building. Chow is married to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Did not support the president's attempt to overturn the election. Other resignations include the president's former press secretary and first lady's chief of staff, Stephanie Grisham, and the president's former chief of staff in Northern Ireland. Envoy Mick Mulvaney. A B C's Andy field in probably the closest you'll get to conceding the president put video on Twitter, declaring he's now focused on ensuring a smooth transition. We must revitalize the sacred bonds of love and loyalty that bind us together as one national family. U. S. Capitol. Police say Officer Brian Sick. Nick died after being injured during Wednesday's assault that's too directly dead from the incident. Three other people died after medical emergencies. President elect Biden nominated Merrick Garland, former Supreme Court nominee and Oklahoma City bombing prosecutor as his attorney General Merrick Garland has a number of issues on his plate should he be confirmed by the Senate as incoming attorney General Hill oversee the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden's taxes and the special counsel's investigation into the origins of the Russia investigation. But he'll also likely face calls to pursue President Trump for potential crimes after he's out of office. Margaret Malard ABC News federal judge in New York City's sentence, prolific Russian hacker, Andre to urine to 12 years in prison. He pleaded guilty to stealing data from over a dozen U. S companies and information about more than 100. Million Americans. 80 Million from J. P. Morgan Chase, one of the biggest ever thefts of computer day.

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