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There are thirty four million different combinations of pizza isn't that crazy thirty four million different combinations of pizza give it all you can simplify this grad so you could just go plain cheese pizza okay four hundred twenty calories how many grams fat fifteen grams protein bova and then you put what's added vegetables and he vegetable it's going to be nothing calories right that's pretty much free meats are two hundred forty two five hundred calories just puerto range yeah just put the rain yeah yeah you could you arrange you certainly could do a range but that's not what the rule is the rule that's going into effect now says you have to list it for everything on the menu that someone could order so you got to put it all together so like if i go so i go to chickfila for the hate chicken and i go through there and i go i love the nice spicy hate chicken with the cheese and the bacon on it they have to the calories have to be there you know what i mean to be listed i have to have access to information because i can't do math so i can't bacon twenty and put it in my little calculator and so the law requires you have to now post every combination right now the laws it is static menu options is not that you have to add it up for you know it is i'm reading from the ad it no no i'm i'm literally yes it's gonna say the regular chicken add she's one hundred calories bacon honored and twenty more calories and then you do the math no no you don't have to do the math under the pizza rule i don't know if it hey chicken rule hey chicken rule is probably different the pizza rule goes like this if you have static menu options you have to show every combination possible that.

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