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Th that starts at six thirty in the evening at Fisher's city hall auditorium in Ohio four people are in police custody in connection to the murders of eight family members in twenty sixteen. The suspects include a husband wife and their two adult sons police yesterday announced the arrest of George Wagner, the third George Wagner, the fourth Angela Wagner and Edward Wagner to other family. Members are accused of trying to cover up the crimes the suspects had moved to Alaska, but George Wagner. The third was pulled over in Lexington Kentucky. And it's not clear why he was there. The attorney general in Ohio talked about a possible motive. This is an open prosecution. We won't be able to say much about motive. But you'll see from the dive much that custody of that young child plays a role in this case the couple and their two sons each face eight counts of aggravated murder. The victims were all members of the road in family. They ranged in age from sixteen to forty four years old. We're hearing from a photographer who took a photo that appears to show teenagers making a Nazi salute. The photo was taken and Bairbre Wisconsin. The photographer claims he told the teens to wave to their parents standing behind the camera. I'd said to them. Okay, boys. You're gonna say goodbye to your parents. So we've put my hand up. And I said, no, you're looking towards me wave goodbye. And some of them are bringing their hands up. Some of them were had already brought their hand down by the time. I took the picture. They're all different stages of weaving goodbye. So if you wanna terp it that way, more than I guess, go ahead and interpret that way the country is interpreted it that way, it's wrong. The country is dead wrong. The picture has been deleted from the Tigers website and social media police and the Baraboo school district say.

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