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Training and the a board of realtors is going to help them do that according to Mister to Haiti the city manager you said we're in the process of implementing bias training for city employees are my my fear is this is okay I I certainly harm was done in a great misdeed was done to Mr is a Mister Edwards but as I contend and I I still the more I think about this in the more this year the who's at fault as the person call nine one one this guy's a retired police officer and if you call in and say I'm a cop or an ex cop the dispatcher in the responding officers knowing this you're probably gonna treat you a little bit better in your words can carry more weight than your average citizen into the credit of the nine one one dispatcher the dispatch of an atom are you sure it's not an open house you know it's not an open house there's no open house today two black males broke into this house then the guy who saw this the Copley retired cop Brannigan saw at the looked out his window and saw Mr is some put a shoulder into a door I had my wife on the show yesterday talk about she said typically most and if you think about this is true most people don't go through the front door most people go through a garage or a side door most people don't use their front door to enter their home not everyone but most people if you think about it that that's the case right your front once last time you went to your front door from usually people got their garage if it's attached if it's on a test like this in west price so you go through a side door you know you park your car usually your your your side doors what you go through where you park your car not not usually the front door it's in there for this reason especially heat humidity now this is back in November and called the factor too but typically those stores don't get open lot they tend to stick inches is more often than not I got a little shoulder little muscle in the door to get to open so if I am the caller in this case Tom brand again and I see this ago at look like they're trying to maybe slam the door to break it open we got a problem he called nine one one it's reported as a felony break in because he identified himself as a police officer the officers respond if you had a chance to see the video I I looked at to sing several times and went well first of all the officers were courteous AT and granted the female officer who got Mister is some to come out of the house first followed by Mister Edwards was had had a gun out her gun drawn he came out with their hands up she put her side arm away cuff Mr is some another off the cuff Edwards Edwards started complaining and rightly so he should have been upset saying it was profiling that's what he did understand was and the cop explain this to him said look you know what you you don't know that we're racist we're doing our jobs you've never been on a ride along with credit and said look I'm not to be called a racist what I have going on here is the fact that we got a breaking and entering call family breaking and entering and we responded accordingly because at the end of they we don't want to get shot there's been plenty cases were suspects abandoned house in and fired on the officers because they didn't want to go to jail this is why the female officer drawer weapon because she was right there in the line of fire and once you realize that neither one of them posed a threat once a custom they look for some ID confirmed with their their on their merry way in a perfect world this doesn't happen right but the thing that disturbs me is how quickly this whole thing got settled in this is along the lines of what what happened at the spring Grove Kroger in the tasting the eleven year old is the eleven year old kid and granted it's a kid but the policy the city said seven to seventy you need a taste it's interesting to I will note in in the case of officer Kevin brown who did the tasting the criticism was well why don't you why don't you go physically grab her why did you fall on her what would the optics of a two hundred plus con man be on a I don't know and a kid who may be sixty five or seventy pounds not good Furthermore I would contend this the same people who complain about this a lot of the same people complain say that would be excessive force the tastings excessive force or in the case of this one directly is all what you don't taste someone you should try to restrain someone who's that little okay then we can just go to what happened of course and I think it was a a I I think all around was horrible what happened and New York City you know here's a guy in a big guy by the way cell on the loose cigarettes which is a stupid reason arrest guy they try to cut off on the day of three or four five officers jump on the guy in doubt why he says he can't breathe anyone's of dying as a result of this well okay not now you're asking for you people to be physically right that that's what they did New York City in Brooklyn and and that's only want to die because the officer Ronnie said I can't breathe and and he died what was a cry there what you should taste in and that's the problem when you listen the court of public opinion aren't you cannot win if your lan force a lot of cases you can't win I know I look at this case to go I see the bulk of the of the fault line with the person calling nine one one especially since as a retired cop he is seeing things that maybe he thinks he's saying that he's not saying and for and I would never determined because he's a retired officer what what he learned what he saw on the street in a different time different age mind you probably still biases in today did he seize two black guys break in and what he thought was breaking in the house he called a dense okay I've seen this before west price hill crime is higher this is why and keep an eye out because I'm a retired cop and I think I see something that's happening so to me it's a little more weight in the like a George Zimmerman for example with Trayvon Martin echoes drive around looking for trouble any founded said lane and Trayvon Martin died as a result of that this is a little bit different he's looking out for his neighbors and the like and we live in a day and age where you see something you're supposed to say something any debt but the idea that there's a hundred and fifty one thousand dollars settlement here's a hell of a lot of money to the city I had the I guess the problem I have with this is just how quickly the city were were to go okay our officers were wrong you know what I I think if you're to blame and there's a lot to go around here too we live in a perfect world obviously I look at and go and that's a nine one one caller and not that we should be prosecuting not that we should be punishing or deterring anyone from calling nine one one because as people suggest last couple days well yeah I agree with you Scott it's a nine one one caller we need tougher laws for people we already have laws that say if you falsely call nine one one it's like pulling a firearm right someone pulls an alarm in there's no fire there's a penalty for that there's a penalty for false reporting are calling nine one one we have a penalty for that I don't think we need a penalty though for people who call nine one one to report something that they think is happening in reality it's something else because it just discourages anyone from picking up the phone call nine one we need more people to well let's face it in this day and age you tend to ignore things more people engage in getting help for people not less but the burden is always on the cops right the cop shop the all they know is two guys break into the house through the front door west price hill go now if you got two guys in the house two men and I am female officer out front is standing literally in the line of fire if you watch the video the per positioning there's the there's the door that they entered in and and she's commanding them out she has her gun raised at the high ready but it's not like your fingers on the trigger an almost white is it to and I'm not taking away thing from Jerry ism and Anthony Edwards because they are ultimately the victims of this whole thing there's no question about it they're doing what we do all the time they're doing something my wife does every day and that is go with the client I look at a house she said the police called on her a few times never had a gun pointed at never handcuffs so that's something we could look at but again we're she shows houses tends to be in areas like Mason in Westchester another you don't see a lot of those things there where west price hill east price hill you got some serious problems in areas where you have shot spotter technology cameras up that that those are high crime neighborhood so you're going to produce that differently if you're a cop the protocols of saying if you got a felony breaking and entering call in in Westchester in Mason Ernie Anderson are cops there yeah you can respond to you know there's someone actively breaking in a home you're probably gonna have your gun drawn at least raised at the high ready in case something but you don't see a lot of that it it's usually someone going into tripping alarm and they respond alarm in ninety nine times of a hundred yeah it is it it's that it's a realtor showing a property somebody dropping something off its a relative going to put something on somebody's counter some brownies are saying you know they don't bother to tell them that they have an alarm system so different circumstance but now how did it I guess the thing is settling right away a hundred fifty one thousand dollars in the drop of a hat the city go there okay here go to Coppell.

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