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Is obviously, it's a little bit of a focus because the counter the counter and with the right, the right hands over the top. It's not so much of a such a big influence that the whole we had a whole course on it. So therefore, for me, if he got his rhythm like he, like, I want him to. He doubled in that jab pulling back and triple in that job. That's going to stop the counter. So far, now he got to put his hands up and start coming. Because once he once he don't get that counter, once he thinks. But you don't get his way. The job get double, then he got to come with something else. Ken, please. Yeah, teddy touched on earlier about the first two fights in that he thought that triple G, one on both certainly the first, I think most people feel that does it enter your mind at all that you probably have to knock them down several times or out to get this win because I mean, look, Canelo is like the golden goose, right? If triple G's getting towards the end of his career, I think the establishment probably benefits more from Canelo getting a decision and we've seen every indication that that will be the case on any fight that's close with Canelo beeville, beat them almost in every round. They couldn't avoid that one. But is that something you guys think about and consider in the preparation for the fight? Think about all the scenarios about needing like I needed and I got needed to knock out, but when I talked to me and the fighter said one on one I honestly I don't talk about I don't talk you need you have to you have to hide on talk like that. We talk very

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