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And and they're all connected. They're not all connected that'd be cool though they have said that. On multiple occasions people have dug dug through two neighbor's homes so because there is that little regulation about sizing and such you can you can just dig dig dig and then all of a sudden your neighbors living room so that's got to be addressed sure but it would be awesome if it was like an entire underground town with an underground mall and you never had to go it would be well. Actually they could call it Morlock town and they could call it that I mean there's there is a lot underground there. Are there's a bar. There are multiple hotels there one hotel as a matter of fact was expanding banding a couple of years ago during their expansion they were adding some new rooms underground and they found a cache of Opel which made them about one point five million dollars so that renovation was a really good call for them no kidding yeah so I guess they got to do their renovation Asian pretty much for free. I would think Dave got underground hostels for backpackers. There are beds and breakfasts ses beds ads bed in their underground. BNB's visas we call them. There's an underground campground underground brothels the at one of those yet. I'm not sure about the specifics of what they do. You call it lack hard. Though considering its sandstone let's maybe not boding well for the clientele but yeah underground campgrounds and so much more so you have that opportunity to do much of your day to day underground. Why is it that living underground or having a retreat underground is so appealing? I don't know is it because a lot of people don't find it appealing. I mean for you and I. I don't know is it because uh it feels safe to me and you feel like you can kind of cut yourself off from society and maybe you're just there. You know no one's GonNa in a bother. You feel secluded. Yeah I get a similar feeling when we go on a cruise not feel I mean you're you're on a boat vote with five thousand other people but most of the people you don't know and people can't call you and ask you to do shit. I kind of see the way you're going with this shore buffet right that we've I think we've launched into a different discussion altogether. We we're just talking about why you like cruises now yup well. I'm a big fan of the blue. Iguana Cantina got love that I like their breakfast. Burrito got those crispy home fries in it and you just can't go wrong. I'm all in so anyway coober pedy. We definitely have to go I can't wait. I love the idea of staying I an underground hotel and please. Let's do absolutely we're actually very excited about the idea of going to Australia. we have have a lot of people that listen there and in fact one of our very first listeners Liz is from Australia and she's been faith listener right from the very beginning so when we come to Australia we're going to stay at your house Liz until so you can drive us to the underground dugouts thanks. This is one of the rooms that one of the hotels Oh my God that is so beautiful you fall in that cool beautifully sandstone is just gorgeous looks like like adobe. It looks kind of like an adobe finish rush. There's a restaurant oh that's lovely yeah. We're going there box of audit a couple times a week. We look forward to hanging out with you. Don't don't forget that you can still grab some tickets to our live shows. At the box of Oddities Dot Com San Francisco Boston Charlotte Nashville tickets will be going on sale for Washington. DC very soon but anything that you need to find out about the box of oddities you can find out pretty much sean on our website the box are you writing this down. AWW AUDITEES DOT COM. Just a real quick severely injured my thumb. The other day and I have no idea how I did it. please let me know if you've ever had like I might have the stigma. I think you've got stigmatized. I might got the STIGMATA. If you have a home cure for the STIGMATA send. It is want to know that I'm not the only person who magically injures themselves has no idea how it happened to occasionally will just burstow bleeding. I have no idea like I don't understand how much space I take up. I think thanks so I'm constantly like knocking into things and falling over stuff and in this case just ripping skin off my thumb why this is another unsolved mystery that will have to go into a little deeper interfere their episode which will drop Monday Flying Ryan Freak flag fly at proudly.

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