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Boy beat the giant it couldn't be done they were doomed very well then tomorrow at noon way will decide the fate of our peoples goliath said then went back to his army laughing elliott took david by the arm and dragged him back what have you done you fool you've doomed us all wait until the king hears of this sure enough word quickly reached king saul he begged david not to take the challenge but david knew in his heart that he was the only one who could face goliath seeing he couldn't be talked out of it the king offered david his royal armor the strongest ever made david refused it instead he took his shepherd sling it was nothing but a bit of rope with a woven cup in the middle it was a simple weapon used by all shepherds to throw stones at the lions and bears that would threaten their sheep you'd place a stone in the cup and world around your head to get it moving fast and then you'd release one end of the rope and the stone would fly fast as an arrow it was good at scaring away wild animals but it was little against the giant like goliath gleaming in his thick plates of armor jesse and elliott and the king begged david to at least take a sword or shield but david refuse those like he had the armor alone he went to a nearby river and selected five stones smooth and round there on the bank of the river he prepared for the next day's battle by singing a prayer to his lord the next day goliath waited for david in the field he had on his heavy armor and swung his giant sword back and forth it cut through the air like a distant roll of thunder when david stepped from the army of israel wearing nothing but a simple linen tunic he laughed and laughed so he said still laughing surely this is a joke you send this tiny boy to fight for all of israel but it was david who answered his voice carried by the holy spirit across both armies goliath you came with a mighty sword but i come with the lord in my heart the lord god who protects all israel it's not me you're fighting but the lord himself goliath laughed again flexing his mighty arms as both the israelites and the philistines looked on breathless the sun beat down on the giant and the boy as they walked towards each other across the empty field between the armies the air smelled of sweat and metal and war goliath strode forward each footsteps shaking the earth he smiled under his heavy helmet david stopped and pull the stone from the simple pouch at his waist he placed it in the woven cup of his sling and watched as goliath drew closer goliath roared again running faster the army of israel felt fear close it's cold fist on their hearts as the massive mountain of a man clad in giants armor rolled forward like a crushing boulder towards the small boy who was there last hope david began to swing the sling above his head building speed the possibility of death didn't scare him he trusted his god completely and knew that his faith was better than any shield stronger than any armor it had kept him safe from the jaws of lions and the clause of bears as he was the shepherd to his flock the lord was his shepherd and he had no fear goliath closed on the boy lifting his mighty sword to cut young david clean in half before the giant could strike david released the sling sending the smooth riverstone sailing through the air like a pouncing lion like striking hawk like a crack of summer lightning the stone struck goliath in the head just between.

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