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Hello, and welcome to the central podcast. My name is Daniel Baiter. We are recording this on Friday October thirtieth the reason I'm bringing it up. So early in the show is because next week. People in the United States go to vote and obviously if you have not voted yet, I would highly encourage you to do. So I don't need you. You don't need me to tell you how important it is but. We are not going to talk about the election on this show by the time you hear this. it may have passed. It is your decision who you vote for. But I just want you to go vote. All right joining me in telling telling people what's up. Our Wagner welcome back. How are you Joe? I'm good. I'm Leon pumpkin seeds need to go bake more. Yeah. You have a you have a big night ahead of you. I do have a big night ahead of me. I gotta go hit all the grocery store and buy up pumpkins before they all vanish on November first. You have an addiction young. Yeah. It's like you don't care about the Halloween Candy. You just need the the Pumpkins the Halloween candy sticks around longer in stores. Roti. Stay go by by very quickly. I don't know I hear people go to the grocery stores the day after Halloween, all the discounted candy like like it's their John. So yeah but it's also going to be a morning after Halloween this time. So it'll be easier to go to the grocery store while everybody's at Church or sleeping in. You know era you should find out what they do with all those pumpkins when they all disappear. stor I find which dumpster. No think of all the Free Pumpkins have and all the things that might be living on. The man with a terrible idea, you here is owned brand. and. Hire everyone one my ideas are never terrible. Now that was bad. I don't want our at Dye. While dumpster diving for Pumpkins like there's already annoyed. Stuff growing pumpkins while they are in the store on the display like I have to haunt towards the end of the season to make sure I don't get a moldy Pumpkin I've not want a dumpster die for those. Yeah I mean if it's a if you can see the mold on the outside you don't even want to see what's on.

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