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The guy to get the reach out to give Chris Wiley College 61972213 Oh three and see what he can do for you. Yeah, for your home, and he rides dirt bikes. Yeah, He's a great guy. Hey, was that are lost Lizard meeting casino in an alpine couple weeks ago on balked about. We talked about that last weekend, so we're definitely going to see what we can do about some florist stuff going on. Speaking of four stuff. I know that Corvette just had their annual nominations for their board, and then they just had their awards go out last week. And, uh, they just got Michael McGarity as the Ministry of Administration. Yes. So he'll be helping us. This will be good down. He is a huge asset. Um, You know what? When I was reading his background and what he has going on, he's got years of Working with the Sierra National Forest in the eastern Sierras. And they've done a lot of trail work up there and keeping trails open and stuff. And so that'll make the competition. Nervous. Yeah, Okay. Hopefully Jeez, He's in here. Now. What do we get out of here? Yeah, Mikey. He just moved from Cal for well over two Corba. Um And so we'll see what where he goes with this. I think I think he'll be a force to be reckoned with. For sure. Well, we need that's what we need. Yeah. Yeah. And then, um, we've been trying to get Jared on here for the last couple weeks to so hopefully we'll have my gone soon. Have him call in. Let us know what's going on up in the Sierras up in the Sequoia is up in his backyard, and he lives up near for us now from the northern indifference Now he's in Madera County. Yeah, I think Clovis I have access to Clovis Independent. Four wheelers. That's the name of his past. Remember? No, I knew it wasn't friends. Now it's Clovis independent. So he's within Clovis Independent four wheelers on but I know because Jared is point Magoo four by four, So he's been with him for a long time, So I'm really excited to have him on. Hopefully, he'll be able to come on next weekend. We can, um, discuss. You know what's happening up in the forest up there and some other stuff, And both of those guys Mike McGarity and Jared McCloud are board members on Ocean on June, so I'm looking forward to having them on so we can discuss what's going on with ocean on a dune. So you know, from from the inland forests to the beach and all across California, you know, we definitely Need those volunteers need people to step up, need the younger generation to start getting more active and voicing their opinions. And, you know, Jared start learning the ropes because there's a lot to know It takes a lot of time just having your your foot in the door and the competition's banking on the fact that you don't know John. That's what they're banking on them so complicated. I was looking at the Sierra Club California website. You got a lot of people. They have a lot of stuff going on. I was like, Oh, my God. I just got an email from them, and it just went on and on and how they're supporting Governor Newsome, and they're not supporting the recall, and they All right here. All right here is gonna get out of it. I hear it. It's not gonna happen. I mean on so much money at it. He's going to crush the state. He doesn't care what the state Yeah, e. I don't know what's gonna happen with that. But people are picking sides. Yeah, without it out, you know, but that's okay. We'll keep fighting the fight. We'll keep pressure on him to do the right thing. Yeah, definitely. Yeah, without a show John Kinley Corvette nominated and, uh, made off Roader of the year, which which is a big thing, and he's helped us with with social media. When I say helped us. I'm a core of a director. I've been Korver director for 16 years now, so I've been in So he's been a big how he grew our instagram page from not too many. Too many thousands of people. Yeah, he's done fantastic When it comes to social media. I was very proud to see that John got off Roader of the year that is that a huge honor and I'm he definitely deserved it with everything that he's done to promote. And everything on Ben, the other one that I was getting back to the mic and to Jared Jared has been very active. The last few years I've met At the two of them a couple years ago, when I went up to Sacramento for the Ocean of June's day that we did up in Sacramento on DSA since then, Jared, you know who I've just seen how much he's done and what he how active that he's been the last couple years, So he got nominated and he won the Ed Waldheim Political Activism award. That's a cool one. That is an awesome that is that that's a huge owner. In my opinion. Congratulations, Spirit it correct me if I'm wrong here, but didn't didn't you win the ad? Waldheim? Or was presented that when I was off Roader of the year you were off Roader of the year was about four or five years ago before you crashed, and then I think you present what I remember Pam right now. He doesn't remember. Okay, now, his memory's shot. Bob doesn't get awards anymore. He's gotten all of them. Now. He's the one who gives that order them out him out. He's the giver of the war. He's been around for a long time. He's been yelling about your radio show. Yeah, for don't have to be doing stuff Road. Yeah. Media presentation. Yeah, we need to make a new award for that. Think they should. Well, I mean, nobody works. Nobody works harder on top of the year. Nobody works harder on the radio that you three. Absolutely Yeah, well, following down the line with the Corvo awards. Um I just, You know, it's it to me. It's a huge honor for the for the nominees, and they're very deserving. And I just wanna give a shout out to them because it's It's a special honor to be recognized in for for the work that they've done. Usually it means that the club's been very active in the community. Very involved have very active members. And that's huge. Because, you know, we we need those voices. We need the people. You know, we're not like that. The Sierra Club and the C D. C. That's got billions of dollars, you know, so We need our people to be more active in it. Um, So, with that being said the loony donors Award for charity goes to the California Dual sport writers. Um, that's a good club, actually follow them on Instagram. Yes, and then The, uh, the loony dinners Charity award called loony donors because they're the ones that originally they That's where the word Association award. Yes, it's just like Ed Waldheim's political activism. He's he originally sponsored ad. Waldheim is huge for political for off roading activism. Um, he created, um What I mean, what does that mean? When I'm trying to think of that I drive all the time on my way to Kern Wolf. California Trail Users Coalition. He's he helped start friends of Oceana Dunes with Jim Sooty 20 something years ago, he started friends of the Sequoia. He started friends of job own job, and I needed friends of El Mirage..

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