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The president as a candidate said look here's my list of twenty five potential nominees it's been vetted and produced for me by heritage foundation you you know senior conservative policy makers and personalities have have have you know stamped their imprimature on here and he's so far stuck to that i mean have we ever seen anything like that you know michael the dentist thing trump is most chaotic present i've ever seen in my life and probably any life before us but on judges he is methodical and rigorous he keeps secrets he isn't leak he gets this and it's the damnedest thing that everything else it's cast but on judges is a finely tuned machine and he's he's nailing he neal gorsuch eaten held his cabinet pick he's put don willett on the court of appeals here in texas you put judge jim ho in texas i mean he he's he's kicking bud with judge everything else god knows what but then on judges he's he gets this i don't know why but this one trump trump gets just reading about it last night one of the things that was suggested is is that the council he has around him on on judicial appointees is very solid they know what they know they know what they don't they know what they're looking to do and that unlike a lot of other guys like like an obama who really wanted to kind of burnish his legal credentials which were lacking other than than the place from which he drew his degree that that that trump really says kind of like look this is not my area of expertise i'm gonna leave this to the experts and he seems to be relying on some good people at the sense you get yeah i mean there's this there's this mean pass around that that that the federal saudi at the puppet master from the pulling the strings in the present i mean that's that's just that's that's garbage i've been a federal member for for almost a decade since i was in law school these are people who know the right folks that you wanna pick for judges that that's what these people know and trump is not a lawyer he doesn't know this up so we asked the best expert right if you're if you're an agency and you wanna make a rule on the environment you talked to the best scientists right if you're if you're congress you want to regulate some some new industry you talk to the best people to present wants picks talk to the best people who know the judges they know who's in the pipeline so this this tire attacking trump is absurd he's actually listening to advice on good stuff and getting good counsel and let me tell you something the president ted cruz i bet brian kavanagh it'll be towards the top of any list he put out if there was a president marco rubio i think broadcasting the exact same sort of list the president jeb bush brick having it'll be number one in that list by by by long shot so the people trump is putting up are the same people any republican czar talk radio nine iron wines backs veterans by donating a portion of all sales to the ptsd foundation of america that's who runs camp hope they'll make.

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