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Six fifty ks rancher Cordova Sacramento. NBC News Radio. I'm Brian shook. President Trump believes Democrats in congress are a danger to the country. Trump took aim at Democrats and house speaker Nancy Pelosi over Pelosi's delay of next week state of the union address until the government shutdown is over the US State Department is not recognizing Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro authority to expel US diplomats Madura cut off diplomatic relations with the US after President Trump recognized opposition leader one Widodo as the country's president the State Department also warned about consequences, if the safety of the US mission in the country was threatened five people are dead after a shooting at a Bank in Florida. The incident happened at a SunTrust Bank in c- bring police chief Carl Hoglund identified the suspect what we do know right now, the gentleman that's been taken into custody as a result of this as a gentleman by the name of Zaphon savor his twenty one years of age and lives here and Seabourn Brian shook NBC. Newsradio excuse me. I know you have a nine o'clock. So I'll keep this short. I'm the business suit in the back of your closet. You wore me nearly every day before your office went quote, casual I used to be the CEO of your closet now. I'm just that one intern. No one ever talks to I always thought you'd circle back with me get granular keep me in the pipeline. But not nothing. Don't you? Remember, the McKittrick presentation, you spilled coffee on me. And I still looked amazing during the breakout talk back. So I think it's time for me to move on. I've got a great resume, and I absolutely crush it in interviews. Okay. Let's make this a clean break shift the paradigm. The only thing I ask is that you think outside the box here and do this take me to goodwill where I can really make a difference. Your donations to goodwill, create new jobs training programs and education assistance for people in your community to find your nearest donation center. Go to goodwill dot.

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