Krause, Paul Calvi, Devils discussed on Arizona's Morning News


Here's Paul Calvi scene. That was cool. The guy who cared deeply about his teammates. No doubt. Not not just the fact he owns every single scoring record. Not just the fact he led the team to the Western Conference finals for the fact that team is here in many ways because of captain Carey, in fact, Gary Bettman, the Commissioner I'll tell you a couple of things one is truly a great guy with incredible integrity and to this franchisor wouldn't be here without him. There's no doubt about that. Think about that. He had to face all those questions for all those years when ownership was just hiding and all those rumors were circulating, you know. So just that alone. He deserved the salute. And there was his name and number being raised the banner into the rafters. And then as for the gay head for Krause trying to make his way to the net. The backhander. See by Riva scars to former teams squaring off the doggies beat the Winnipeg Jets for one they've won four out of five and there are three points behind Minnesota for the final wildcard spot. You gotta issue who's making their own push a great response. The second half the way the guys played and performed both ends of the floor. Big win against Cal the team. That's on fifteen. Sixty nine fifty nine ASU wins. We're talking about the devils. Let's keep it positive over. Here. Is they go down ten five pack twelve we determined your alma mater. Thank goodness for baseball Robbie race physically today. So I was able to battle through he pitched better than he fell, basically. And if you want to blame the weather. Weather's not doing. Exactly. Yeah. I blame the weather all last week for my lackluster performance, why not home against the as today. That's one o'clock. And that is sports bulk WC.

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