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And gentlemen, at bozeman Lynchburg, Ohio. And the God is Justin. Caraway radio broadcast. All the churches of Christ. Some of you. It is written for the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man traveling into a far country. Who called his own servants and delivered unto them his good? It is written. Another one he gave five talents to drill a one. According to his several ability and went on his journey. It is. Straightway? He's received the five tellers went and traded with them and made other five talents. Like matter. He also that received the to gain gained other two. It is written. He that received the one what a way. Dillard's and. Is large money. For a long time. The Lord of those services come and make our reckoning with them. And he that received the five talents came and brought other five us saying Lord, thou delivers thunder me five talents. Low. I have gained other five talents. If more settled to him well done good unfaithful servant, thou has been faithful over a few things. I will set they over many things. Enter avow, the joy of the Lord..

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