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Romy and I am joined by my render at. We are very excited to announce that we are continuing our journey with a new podcast called Scientology Fair game. What is fair? Video Games the term in scientology that that is used to describe a was used to describe the. Taking care of and that's the euphemistic term, okay, rats and enemies of scientology. What it really is is a series of writings and policies directives by l Ron Hubbard, that lay out how you go about destroying someone who is an enemy of scientology, listen to Scientology Fair game on the iheartradio APP Apple, podcast or wherever you listen to podcasts. Welcome back tonight, call. We are joined today by our very special guest. Meredith wait occur. Meredith is a research professor and the CO founder of the AI now institute at Nyu her work focuses on the social implications of artificial intelligence and the tech industry responsible for it previously she worked at Google for thirteen years where she founded the company's research group, and helped lead Labour, organizing efforts, including the Google walkout and efforts to end ai contracts with the US. Department of Defense Her work driven by the belief that worker, power, collective action and strong social movements are necessary to ensure meaningful tech accountability. Welcome Meredith. Thank you molly. Thanks so much for being with us this week. Yeah, I'm happy to be here Yeah I, so I feel like we. We constantly are saying among ourselves that we wish that like. We had kind of an INFOSEC expert on call at all times, so you are going to be our INFOSEC expert for the next. so just strap in. I think that like maybe a good way to kick it off were just talking about? Kind of the specific concern recently about. About a surveillance, specifically, protests and among activists particularly in Portland. There's been concerns that I know you've been talking about on your twitter about Just sort of the kind of murky waters of of of capturing face data and and other kinds of data from these events it's it's like a weird new world that we're all navigate, and unfortunately there's like Proto fascist slash fascist forces that are taking advantage of that not quite figured out world so yeah, is there anything particularly from that? That has been surprising to you recently. Yeah I mean, let's yeah, let's let's open up. The whole can were. Surprise isn't the word right I think. We know that these tools of centralized power social control surveillance exist, and frankly have existed for some time. I think what we're beginning recognizes what they look like in the hands of you know I think pro fascist is a bit of a a a diplomatic term for what we're seeing with the you know. The the federal troops that you know as a h s is embroiled Matt You know, but but you know I. Think I I. Don't think I'm surprised I think this is. It's extremely troubling. Right and a lot of what? You know my sense is would a lot of people who are sort of historic this moment looking back at like well, this is you know this is how fascism looks when you know suddenly there is a you know there are a domestic militia that is serving. You know the goals of the you know authoritarian party on the streets what we haven't seen before is. With the type of Surveillance, afford instances that these folks right with the ability to you know by location data and other intimate data from you know data brokers with the ties that companies like talents here and others have directly to the trump administration with the sort of you know the way in which we have now sort of structured our our social and political live around the necessity of having these network infrastructures that are necessarily collecting data about us data making inferences about. whether or not we call that surveillance whether or not we call having a private company own all of our g mail going back for years and years surveillance. You know that's be bedrock on which all of this network technology and the industry that has been built around it is is resting, and we're now seeing what happens when the you know happy, primary colored promises of Tech. Actually are kept right so so here. We are but you know again. This isn't what we saw this in Ferguson. You know standing rock a number of these. Dynamics were at play. We saw with the pandemic powers that were given to ice by trump that they now sort of you know this is permitted under those powers for these you know for for federal agents to be deployed in this way, but the views, drones and other surveillance capabilities to you know track and what we're seeing is. You harass harm yeah. Yeah I mean it's like ironically as in all the ways that the the the uprisings right now are taking place in the same way at the same time as the the pandemic, it's like. At the same time that we're the other countries have enacted contact tracing, and that sort of staying, and that's something that we're talking about here. It's like we also see we're. We're immediately living through the downsides of something like contact Tracy and currently as opposed to like a hypothetical could have sometimes. Yes, yeah, I mean contacting a great example of just like how? While Tex Hubris is right because we you know the foundation, we are in a failed failing president progressive state right now right like we don't have testing that is clearly deployed. We certainly don't have a social safety net that would enable people to make us sort of choice about their protection. Right like Oh. Maybe you know I have received a ping. That I was in contact with someone who tested positive, which presumes the presence of tests right? And now I need to stay home for two weeks rate. You know most people don't even have two weeks. Vacation plans to take. Let alone you know the you know. The the resources to you know, make that choice for community and self care so I think what we're looking at. You know the idea that you could slap contact tracing on that when you don't have ground truth data around testing when people aren't in a position to you know, make a choice for public health when we don't have the politics of care right anywhere in our infrastructure. Is that the kind of lake? We'll solve it with tech. Tech while ignoring those sort of bedrock conditions that would be you know. Necessitate that are necessary for text to you know I even have a conversation of whether sort of tech based contracting tasting contact tracing could work, and there's a bunch of problems with base contract tracing especially Bluetooth base. It doesn't know when it's going through walls, so you can get a contact traits that it's like if you're next to somebody in a car, it will..

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