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You know that's kind of you know. I've always had the compensation where people and and you know what's funny what i hear. I hear people talk like what they say. Is you know Boy next year. Or you know when i found my income taxes. I get this money back. Go ahead and give me a car you know. Now i'll have a down payment. And i know i'm going to get so much money back with my income tax thousand dollars or five hundred dollars. Folks lemme lemme cana. Throw this in here. I don't mean to throw a monkey wrench in or anything again. I'm just just as just something. I'm sharing with you You could put it on the shelf and save it later or you. Can you know. Do what you wanna do and check it out for yourself. I mean really I'm i'm not trying to be I'm not a lawyer. Not an attorney or anything like that. I'm just giving you some some proof of the pudding to can't really actually think about what you do. All right so think about this folks. How many of you out there. Who have said man when i get my taxes done you know. I know i'm going to get some money back. Probably about a thousand two thousand dollars or whatever it is. I usually get a lot of money back When i file my taxes. And i use that to either go put down payment on a car or go bassett furniture or some new shoes and I do this. Monopoly are my taxes. But you know. Have you really thought about what's being said out there Between the public and people in your friends and all of this have. You really really just listened to yourself what you actually saying is. You're depending on the system to actually give you money back from all the money you worked for that. They gave away that. You go get some of that money back and you know that's not necessarily true. A lot of people are heard in well. I actually experienced it myself. You know you'd be expecting them. Money backing all of sudden alkyl sam combs and tear you thousand dollars a year and getting back bam one hundred back bam or you owe us. How many times you happened to you. Come up all the years. You've been follow taxes. Tim tell me the truth and think about it. Why is it that when you found the tax return. Okay so think about this. You got all these tax places. Hr block you get a tax relief. People you know if you got a problem with the irs. Call us and we will help you solve your irs tax problems or if you owe back taxes irs is cut it come after you. This is all smoke and mirrors folks. This is what they do. They intimidate you to foul. Those returns to keep you in the dark to make you believe that you gotta foul these taxes and that you know if you don't do it they don't come after you so that's strictly intimidation. Why would i wanna live in something that is going to intimidate me all the time. Komo you a free. You're not free when you have to foul them things but it does what you wanna do. Again it's okay with you. It's okay with me all these people around tax. Tam have the hands open notice. They have what they call tax sales. All they have shopping malls and stores making bargains for your money. When you get your tax returns and you get money from that. They all come up with these gimmicks to buy this bad. Why so they can get a piece of the money. Why does the tax relief people h. and r. block and all these other people open up their doors are certain seasons and certain tans but twenty four seven day are not there for you if they was really legit they beat open twenty four seven seven days a week. Where if you got questions you can go to them and ask them. Why is it that that doesn't happen. You would think that there will be a job there every day five as well five days a week excluding saturday and sunday you should be able to go in and have you tax questions answered right away. Why isn't that that that doesn't happen. It's only because it's seasonal every year. So they could open up and holding hand out to this rapid refunds stuff and all of this kind of stuff is all designed to get you foul those forms in fact think of it this way to ten forty form is a federal form federal for federal government employees and for people who are living in the united states. Now there is a difference between the united states.

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