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Wisconsin these would mirror existing temporary restraining orders and injunctions such as domestic violence injunction process that's currently being implemented in our state meanwhile the Connecticut based gunmaker cold this is spending production of the preferred weapon of mass shooters the A. R. fifteen is one of the most popular selling rifles there an estimated sixteen million of them in private hands colts said there's been a significant excess in manufacturing and plenty of A. R. fifteens to meet the demand cold said it would stop making the rifle for civilians and instead focus on its military and law enforcement contracts which are currently absorbing all of colt's manufacturing capacity gun rights advocates have criticized the company from moving out of the civilian market but cold said it remains a stout supporter of the second amendment Erin could her ski ABC news New York meeting held Wednesday night on the future for the Mitchell park domes Milwaukee county supervisor Jason hi says funding the sixty six million dollar revitalization what it just come from county up coffers a lot of. with our financial incentives historic preservation tax credits energy efficiency tax credits all the things that can be applied for by of what I hope will be a new conservatory that will operate this is the two plan also includes changing the park's boathouse into a wedding and other event venue a Missouri man is now the eighth person to die in the country of an LS link to vaping more than five hundred people have suffered long injuries and illness in the U. S. linked to vaping while the CDC knows that more than half of them are under twenty five years old they don't know what's causing the problem so in the meantime doctor and shook it says anyone who uses an E. cigarette or baking products should not use or buy off the street and should not modify or add any substances to these products she says there's nothing one consistent product brand substance are additive link to the problems the CDC is opened an investigation not to prosecute but to determine where the issues are coming from Brian Clark ABC news and storm area fifty one events are now getting underway in Nevada true alien believers have come in from Illinois Colorado when I'm told France in Chile to be here for a big desert alien party Stephen drove many hours to be here insisting aren't really storming area fifty one that it's about a good time no we know we can't actually rate the US military we're still for the party that does a party but local authorities are so concerned they have an incident command post set up in this town is put a message online telling people not to come out like stone ABC news near area fifty one in Rachel Nevada sports traffic and weather our next WTMJ news time coming up on seven oh four this report is sponsored by new mail Medical Center discover the new you at Milwaukee's number one health clinic. things are great and she knows it but you're not alone. one of the millions of men suffering from low testosterone into a reptile dysfunction if you fifteen having trouble losing weight or irritable or even to press for more concerning having difficulty obtaining.

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