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Some pretty damn hard water there. You can promote you to handem water softeners together. Oh, my God. So I looked into solutions, and I ran across a doctor who became a good friend. Mike McKelvin, who was started catching rainwater for his wife to really realize the well. Water out here basically kills pants. It chokes their leaves. If you spray it on the leaves, that carbon eyes is over, so they can't they they suffocate. So he started rainwater pleasure and for his wife's roses, and they flourished and this house flourish. You got in tow put in in this house. He flourished. He was a really advocate for it, and I met him and I became one. Myself, so I looked into a storage and found a fiberglass manufacturer in Texas and ordered a fiberglass tank. And put it in and every rule Goldberg job and never solved kind of new technology makes it just plumbing is all of us. So it's just the water level water with your gutters higher than the tank and France. It goes in by itself. Right? So I did that and hooked up a bump to it, and I took a shower and I was the happiest guy in the world. This soap just came right off it lathered up like you can't believe smelled wonderful. It frank. Good and the dishes instead of in Chocula suddenly became Mom clear. So my neighbor comes over and says, guys what? You guys just buy some new dishes on guy said No. We're just washing them and rainwater. Nice that. Oh, my God. Well, I've been by a new dishes every three years and a new dishwasher every three years. So I want that. So I called back the fiberglass kinds. Hey, I wanna be a distributor. And he said, Okay over this work a deal. So so I was selling fiberglass tanks like crazy as the biggest tank salesman in the whole planet. I've put in literally hundreds of these things, and I've got 1000 people were relying on tank town is their source for rainwater filters and, you know, maintenance problem things, and so that's how it happened. This sort of thing. Then one day I'm putting in these rain water systems. I have a crew guys and I'm filling up our water for our consumption toe. Keep cool. The whole crew, you know, in a one of a glue five gallon water Buckets. One day we ran out Super hot day, son some and July and I said I said, Okay, guys, I got I'm going back home to fill up our water again. There's okay. Hurry back. So on the way, I thought, you know I should be able to pull into a store and buy this stuff and the bold went off right so well. Okay, then. So then I was just focused on bottle in this stuff. So I read the regulations on a water supply realized that I needed to be a a sort of a licensed operator to run of water supply, so I would start going to correspondent schools and I went to Berkeley cow and Texas A and M and I got my I got a licensed. Oh, public water supply operator got a permit number and all and Then I started building a plant and anyway, then I get the T. C cute government agency over oversees our water supply in Texas. And they said, Well, Mr Hannagan. That's a pretty good idea. But green Waters not approved as a source for water. That's okay. So where you getting your water, you guys? Well, you know where we get our water. We could have a lake. Travis. Where's that come from? Well, you know, it has a slight brain myself. Okay? That's okay. So I'm gonna That's why, you know, so we need to make this building. Have. This is a source for water. I don't know, sir. In another thing, Mr Hannigan Now that we got this conversation gone, we can't talk to you anymore because you're not a licensed engineer. So I went OK, Great. Well, I will come back, so it's just had to prove it to him that it was a good source of water. So I built a little pilot bottling plant And they said they prove that building my own bare hands. I'm a blacksmith. I'm a sculptor. I've cut the pipes and news trans Just got the right things and boiled it everything up, and then we go and put more systems and I get him or some more money. Go out. Buy more metal. Put it all up. Then I thought, Man, this is I can't really start this yet. I got the plant's going. I got everything. I need some tanks and buy and 13 tanks. I mean, I'd like 250,000 gallons, and then I had the engineers and he's a friend of mine and basically wrote it on a napkin. I said here, right this out. Make it look real official. Here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna micro we're gonna put it through a really tiny filters. And we're gonna separate it after it goes into a couple of tanks, and then we're gonna put it through UV light. And then we're gonna start in a sanitary tank. And then we're gonna put just before Bob. We're gonna put ozone innit, No ozone. It's a really great sanitizer. City's water supplies to use chlorine and chlorine is a cancer causing chemical. And so we didn't want you to have the Clean Water act required. Public water survives to use chlorine, and there's no other source of Sanitation, They would have proved. You know, I have a saying The solution to pollution is delusion. And it's the same thing the city's used. They just say go. Okay, Here's a 10 gallons of chlorine. And so we're gonna have to mix that with 13,000 and 170 gallons of water and that'll do it. Okay. It might taste a little funny, but anyway, I can't do that. And so my plan was I said, Okay, Here's the deal. If you take me to court, and I'll even here settled into it, we have to end up in court. I'm gonna tell the jury that Okay, Here's what they want me to do with my rainwater. They want me to put chlorine in it. And that will cause cancer. Possibly and then rain water We've already proven has no cancer causing byproducts and from the way we sanitize it. So it seems like a really smart thing to do. And so and then also, if you say I can't do it them, then it will be. It won't be good because the jury is going to say Well, I was trying to go. We certainly don't want you to get cancer. So we'd like your idea. They said, Well, we kind of like your deal, and it's also sustainable. And then we started doing testing on it and then did their monthly reports. And it all always came back. Just beautiful. And at that point more people in Austin on the hill country we're getting into rainwater collection, so everybody's calling this ancient saying. Hey, I want to put a whole rain water system in my house. So four years later, we got the first public water supply using rainwater's sole source of water without using chlorine, and then that's it. It's all over town. And it's pretty damn good feeling so it's a It's a future water. There's no doubt about it. That's that's still the purest water on the planet because it did never touched the ground. As soon as it touches the ground, it turns to trash. Deeper water goes people stay home and my wells 10,000 ft. Deeper hole, man. That's 9999 ft. Of trouble above it. It's just the perfect water, but it's a little difficult to get. But Richard makes the bottling process found it pretty easy. After catching it and put it in a collection tank. That's the first thing to do like the city..

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